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100 Acre Wood

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100 Acre Wood

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Logo of 100 Acre Wood
Japanese 100エーカーの森

Romaji 100 Ēkā no Mori
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts III

Assistants Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Roo, Gopher, & Eeyore
Origin The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)[1]
Themes Header.png

KH tracks
Field theme - Winnie the Pooh
Battle theme - Bounce-O-Rama
KHCOM tracks
Field theme - Winnie the Pooh
Battle theme - March-A-Long
Battle theme - Dash-A-Long
KHII tracks
Field theme - Winnie the Pooh
Battle theme - Bounce-O-Rama
Battle theme - Bounce-O-Rama (Speed Up Ver.)
KHIII tracks
Field theme - Winnie the Pooh
Battle theme - Bounce-O-Rama
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The 100 Acre Wood, also written as the Hundred Acre Wood, is a world based on the fictional locale of author A. A. Milne and Disney's twenty-second animated feature, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The world is contained within an old book that Merlin keeps with him, and as Sora collects Torn Pages, the lost areas of the world are revealed as the story is retold.

In Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III, the 100 Acre Wood is a world within a world, being entered through the Merlin's book in Traverse Town, Radiant Garden, and Twilight Town, respectively. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the 100 Acre Wood is only playable through the Command Board.

Due to the peaceful atmosphere and downplay of violence in 100 Acre Wood, Sora's "Attack" command is changed to "Hit" or "Strike" while in this world.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

A map of the 100 Acre Wood.

As Sora enters the 100 Acre Wood (100エーカーの森 100 Ēkā no Mori?, lit. "Forest of 100 Acres") he'll find himself on a map leading to the world's other areas. To unlock the world's locations Sora has to collect all of the book's pages. Upon his first visit only one area is available, the Wood: Meadow (草原 Sōgen?, lit. "Grassland"), where Sora meets Winnie the Pooh. It's a small meadow surrounded by trees, scattered with a few flowers and rocks, whose primary feature is a hollow, overturned log which Winnie the Pooh often uses as a seat. The next area contains Pooh's House (プーのいえ Pū no Ie?), where Sora meets the wise Owl. It is a humble cottage built into the roots of a large tree, standing alongside a meandering forest path. In the grass behind the cottage are five pots of honey which track Sora's progress in obtaining the Cheer ability; when Sora has completed the required objective in one of the five involved mini-games, the pot is filled with honey. Pooh keeps a sign reading "Mr. Sanders" above the door, as well as a bell and a note reading "RNIG ALSO",[sic] and has left a small cooking fire with a log to sit on directly below it. Through the door is Pooh's Room (プーのへや Pū no Heya?), a spartan room with a chair, a table, a bed, a window, a mirror, some clocks and paintings of honeypots, two cupboards filled with honeypots, and many honeypots laying about.

Artwork of Rabbit's House.

The first Torn Page to be restored contains the Hunny Tree (ハチミツの木 Hachimitsu no Ki?), where Sora and Pooh find Piglet. It is an immense English Oak tree on a small knoll, filled with cavities and beehives. The knoll also holds a small pond and another hollow log, where Piglet hides. Sora can play the mini-game, Pooh's Hunny Hunt from this location. The second Torn Page contains Rabbit's House (ラビットのいえ Rabitto no Ie?) and Rabbit's Room, where Sora meets both Rabbit and Tigger. Like Pooh, Rabbit lives in a cottage built into the roots of a tree, which stands above a small field of cabbages, pumpkins, and carrots crossed by a tiny stream. Sora has to protect the vegetables in the Block Tigger mini-game. Rabbit's home is neater and tidier than Pooh's, with a respectable mailbox, clothesline, and gutter pipe, as well as a rabbithole out the back with a sign reading "RABBIT'S HOWSE".[sic] The third Torn Page contains the Wood: Hill ( Oka?, lit. "Hill"), near the Meadow, where Sora rescues Eeyore. It is a medium-sized bluff standing above a running brook, crossed by a wooden beam bridge. On top of the bluff is another large oak, from which Pooh's swing hangs, and is where the Pooh's Swing mini-gane is activated. Across the brook is Eeyore's "house", a tiny lean-to made of sticks. The fourth Torn Page contains the Bouncing Spot (ティガーの遊び場 Tigā no Asobiba?, lit. "Tigger's Playground"), where Tigger and Roo spend their time. It is a clearing in the middle of the woods, filled with tree stumps and a seesaw. An immense honeypot sits on the center-most stump, and many Rare Nuts hang from the surrounding trees. Sora can play the mini-game Tigger's Giant Pot at this area.

The final Torn Page contains the Muddy Path (どろんこ道 Doronko Michi?), a winding forest trail where each of Pooh's friends has gotten lost once again. The bottom-most portion is a small moody ravine underneath the trees, with a small hollow thicket of brush at its middle. At the end of a glen is a well from which very strong winds blow, adjacent to several burrows. Above the well is a hollow log crossing the sides of the ravine, and the trees hold a few beehives. There are several geraniums throughout the ravine, where Pooh can find butterflies to carry him around. At this location, Sora has to help Pooh find all his friends in the Pooh's Muddy Path mini-game.

The Keyhole for 100 Acre Woods is the book's lock and is sealed ones Sora has completed all stories.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Sora visits a memory based version of the 100 Acre Woods. The world is reduced to a long path through the woods, with a hollow, overturned log in each end of the map, and some tree stumps along the way. Sora quickly meet up with Pooh which prompts the world's mini-game: get Pooh to the exit while finding all of his lost friends. Once they find each of Pooh's friends they'll give Sora a reward. The mini-game is also a great place to collect Moogle Points.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, the world is split up into multiple rooms along a path, with most of the rooms featuring a mini-games. The first area is Pooh Bear's House (プーのいえ Pū no Ie?) and where. The next area is Rabbit's House (ラビットのいえ Rabitto no ie?), which contains Rabbit and the Veggie Panic mini-games. Hunny Tree (ハチミツの木 Hachimitsu no Ki?) contains Owl and the Balloon Glider mini-game, while Tigger's Playground (ティガーの遊び場 Tiggā no Asobiba?) contains Tigger, Roo, the Tigger's Jump-a-Thon mini-game, and the only treasure chest of this world, the Spellbinder Card, which requires Glide or Superglide to reach. The Muddy Road (どろんこ道 Doronko Michi?) contains Eeyore, as well as the Whirlwind Plunge and Bumble-Rumble mini-games. Finally, the Fields (草原 Sōgen?, lit. "Meadow") contain a save point and the world exit.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Sora traversing the Spooky Cave in search of Pooh.

Kingdom Hearts II retains a few of the previous locations in the 100 Acre Wood, while also introducing new ones. When Sora enters the book he'll arrive at a page simply called The Hundred Acre Wood (100エーカーの森 100 Ēkā no Mori?, lit. "Forest of 100 Acres"), from which he can access the book's other pages. The book's first location is Pooh Bear's House (「プーの家」のおはなし "Pū no Ie" no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of Pooh's House") which differs from the first game by the passage at the end being covered up by bushes, and his door blocked by empty honey pots.

A new addition that comes with the first Torn Page is Piglet's House (「ピグレットの家」のおはなし "Piguretto no Ie" no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of Piglet's House"), which is a large oak on top of a hill with a great view of the rest of the woods. His house's got a tiny door and a tiny mailbox, and huge sign saying "TRESPASSERS WILL"[sic]. To save Piglet - who's been taken by the wind - Sora has to play the A Blustery Rescue mini-game. The second Torn Page brings Sora back to Rabbit's House ( 「ラビットの家」のおはなし Rabitto no Ie no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of Rabbit's House"). This time Rabbit's house can't be accessed and is blocked by flower pots. It's also where the Hunny Slider mini-game can be accessed which takes Sora and Pooh on a journey through the 100 Acre Woods and several of its pages. The third Torn Page contains Kanga's House (「カンガの家」のおはなし "Kanga no Ie" no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of Kanga's House") and it's located close to a river where the mini-game Balloon Bounce occurs. Outside her house is also an open area filled with a lot of cardboard boxes.

The fourth Torn Page leads to the maze-like The Spooky Cave (「おばけ洞窟」のおはなし "Obake Dōkutsu" no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of The Haunted Cave"); a dark cavern with patches of icy floors and generally filled with blue crystals. In the mini-game The Expotition, Sora has to navigate the cave in order to find Pooh.

The final Torn Page opens access to Starry Hill (「星空の丘」のおはなし "Hoshizora no Oka" no Ohanashi?, lit. "The Story of The Starry-Skied Hill"), which is the same area as Wood: Hill from the first game, but set during the night. From here Sora can play The Hunny Pot mini-game.

Area Map in Kingdom Hearts II


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts III, the world has been significantly scaled down compared to previous appearances. The only part of the world that can be accessed is Rabbit's House (ラビットの家 Rabitto no Ie?), where the entirety of the plot takes place, and where all three mini-games can be found. Like in Kingdom Hearts II, Sora can only explore Rabbit's garden, but with the house itself not being explorable. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Roo, Lumpy, and, of course, Rabbit all reside in this area.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Rabbit, after almost being crushed by a pumpkin.

When Merlin drops the 100 Acre Wood book while walking home, Terra picks it up and returns it to him, who says he has never seen it before. He leaves it in his house for Terra, and later invites Ventus and Aqua in to read it when they pass by. After it is returned, the three main characters can read it to unlock their hidden powers, visualized as the Hunny Pot Board.

Between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Merlin continued to hold on to the book for Terra, but over the decade the book started to fall apart with even the cover illustration fading away. During his many travels, Merlin ultimately lost five pages from the books across the worlds, causing the Hunny Tree, the Muddy Path, Rabbit's House, the Starry Hill and Tigger's Bouncing Spot to vanish from the 100 Acre Wood, along with many of its inhabitants. Merlin brought the book to Cid in Traverse Town to repair the book, but ultimately the world inside could only be restored by returning the missing pages to the book.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Sora observing the book.

Cid first gives the book to Sora to give to Merlin, who tells Sora that there is a world within the book. He mentions that Sora needs to collect Torn Pages throughout the worlds until he finds and seals the 100 Acre Wood's Keyhole. When Sora first goes into the book, he meets Winnie the Pooh, who has lost sight of his friends; only Owl is left in the book with him.

Sora collects the missing pages from Agrabah, Monstro, Atlantica and Halloween Town, as well as from Pongo and Perdita for rescuing 51 of their 99 Puppies. The pages restore the book bit by bit and returning the other inhabitants home. Along the way, he meets Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore and Roo, helping resolve problems for them and helping Pooh reunite with them. After helping them find each after getting lost in the Muddy Path, Sora joins them for stargazing. Deciding it was time to resume his search for Riku and Kairi, Sora said good-bye to his new friends, promising to return. As a result of their new friendship, the blank book cover magically gained an illustration of Sora, Pooh, Tigger and Piglet out for a walk; the keyhole on the clasp also was sealed.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

The 100 Acre Wood appears in Sora's second set of World Cards, and can be accessed on the seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth floor of Castle Oblivion. When Sora enters the world, he finds Pooh all alone, and decides to go down the path with the teddy bear in order to find his lost friends. Upon going down the path, Sora and Pooh find Rabbit picking up cabbages, and get Owl's attention by having Pooh float high in the air with a bundle of balloons, brought back to the ground by Owl. Sora and Pooh find Roo in a hole after Pooh falls into it, and find Eeyore later down the path, whose tail is knocked down from a tree that Pooh, being chased by bees, runs in to. Tigger's attention is captured when Pooh is taught by Sora to bounce on tree stumps in a similar to formation to Tigger.

Shortly afterwards, Sora and Pooh are bombarded by Rabbit's cabbages, which come rolling down the hill. Sora knocks the cabbages into a stack with the Keyblade, which causes Rabbit to appear. Rabbit explains that he tried rolling the cabbages down the path, since someone had broken the cart he had planned to use to bring them down. Coincidentally, it was Sora and Pooh who broke this cart. Sora and Pooh soon afterwards arrive at the end of the path, with all of Pooh's friends found. The two say their parting words, and Sora leaves to continue climbing to the top of Castle Oblivion.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The book after it has been attacked by Heartless in Kingdom Hearts II.

When Merlin moves to Hollow Bastion, he takes the book with him. When Sora returns, he excitedly enters the book to check up on his friends. While he is greeting Pooh, he is suddenly ejected from the book as the Heartless try to steal it. During the battle to recover the book, it is damaged from the claws of a Soldier stealing it. Upon return, Sora finds Pooh with severe amnesia, unable to remember him and all of his other friends. Merlin checks the book, discovering the Heartlesss torn out the pages and scattered them across the worlds again.

Sora then goes out to find Torn Pages which slowly restore Pooh's memory of his friends while continuing his quest to find Riku and King Mickey. Everyone chips in to try curing Pooh's amnesia (with no success), while Sora meets Kanga and Gopher along the way. As the Torn Pages are returned, Pooh remembers his friends bit by bit after each jogs his memory with a trait he knows them for, including Sora. Shortly after fully repairing the book, Sora admits that he has to leave again, but reassures Pooh that they will always be in each other's hearts. Once all five Torn Pages have been located, the book's cover repairs itself with; a new illustration of Sora and Pooh sitting on Starry Hill together takes the place of the old one.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If the final cutscene in the 100 Acre Wood is skipped, the cover will remain in its damaged state despite the book otherwise being restored.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Due to Xehanort attempting to turn Sora into one of his vessels, the book lost its connection to Sora's heart, rendering the illustration blank once again.[2] Unaware of what caused the book cover to go blank, Merlin brought this to Sora's attention, leading to him heading into the book to find out what happened. Reuniting with his old friends and a new one called Lumpy, Sora is surprised to hear Pooh say he's home. Rabbit explains he needs help harvesting, leading to everyone chipping in to help. Once done, Pooh explains that one day he felt Sora leave his heart; Sora reassures him of their friendship, but confirms to himself that their connection has indeed become weaker.

Back outside the book, a new illustration of Sora and Pooh sitting next to each other appeared. Sora exits, telling Donald and Goofy that the reason the previous illustration vanished was because 'something' happened to make him disappear from Pooh's heart. When Sora expresses concern to Merlin about losing his friends, the wizard assures him that connections between hearts which have been lost can always be found again.


  • Absent but mentioned characters are Owl's cousin Alphonse[3] and his uncle Albert.[4]
  • Christopher Robin's name briefly appears among the various paragraphs seen in the Hunny Slider mini-game, specifically the one taken from "In Which Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded by Water", chapter 9 of the original Winnie-the-Pooh book by A. A. Milne.



Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Although the individual characters first appeared in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (1966) and Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968), the setting first appeared within the Disney animated canon in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which collected these featurettes.
  2. ^ Kingdom Hearts III, Jiminy's Journal: "Since the last time he'd seen Pooh, Sora had nearly become Xehanort's vessel. What other connections had been broken in the process?"
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