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Japanese セッツァー
Rōmaji Settsā
Voice actors (Ja:) Ryōtarō Okiayu
(En:) Crispin Freeman
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy VI
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VI

A wayfaring gambler who's ready for any game and any challenge. He'd even cast his life to the chips and let luck choose its course.

Setzer is the Struggle's prior winner. He tends to be followed by an army of lovestruck, screaming girls.
"My life is a chip in your pile. Time to ante up."

Setzer is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. A top Struggle fighter, he is a flashy and arrogant ladies' man as well and enjoys taunting his opponents. He originally appeared in Final Fantasy VI.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Setzer is the champion of the Struggle competition when the player is playing as Roxas in the Simulated Twilight Town. After Roxas defeats Hayner and Vivi, he duels Setzer. Setzer asks Roxas, calling him "rucksack", to throw the match for him, hinting that this is how Setzer became a champion, but Roxas refuses. If Roxas wins the Struggle, Setzer leaves the arena quietly, then joins in cheering Roxas as the new champion. If Roxas loses, Setzer gives him a medal as "thanks."

When Sora is in the real Twilight Town, Setzer is the second opponent to be fought, accessible after defeating Hayner ten times. Ten victories over Setzer earns the player the right to challenge Seifer. This implies that Seifer defeated Setzer, like Roxas did in the Simulated Twilight Town.


Setzer is relatively unchanged from his appearance in Final Fantasy VI. He has long, silver hair and violet eyes, as well as a number of thin scars, one of which reaches from his hairline and over his left eye. He wears a loose shirt that is lilac in the front and violet in the back and black pants secured by a black belt with a silver skull belt buckle. The legs of his pants are tucked into knee-high lilac boots with swirling lavender designs on the back, and designs vaguely resembling parts of the Nobody sigil on the toes.

He also ties a han purple sash with swirling white patterns on it around his waist, covering half of his left leg. Setzer drapes a long black coat with yellow lining and a yellow triangle patter lining the high collar over his shoulders, kept in place by a short silver chain attached to two silver skull pins on either side of the coat.


Setzer is a true gambler, willing to stake anything on luck and skill. However, he has a sneaky, underhanded side, as shown when he attempts to bribe Roxas to lose in the Struggle tournament. He is arrogant in his status as a top Struggle fighter, and takes pleasure in mocking his opponents.


Setzer in Final Fantasy VI.

Setzer Gabbiani debuted as one of the main protagonists of Final Fantasy VI. Setzer is a very lively gambler and the owner of the only airship in the entire world, the Blackjack.

His notorious gambling habits are performed to conceal the scars from sessions gone wrong and the loss of his lover, Darill. He ends up becoming one of Terra Branford's party members when her party encounters him during an opera play he planned to foil. Persuaded by another foiled gamble by Celes, Setzer allows the party on his vessel. Setzer wields an assortment of gambling equipment as his weapons such as cards, dice, and darts, which do well in all stats except magic.


  • In the Twilight Town characters file, Setzer is listed as an antagonist, as indicated by his red square, despite his Final Fantasy counterpart being a protagonist.
  • Although he was based on an unused idea Tetsuya Nomura had for Final Fantasy V, he is one of two characters in the Kingdom Hearts series not originally designed by Nomura, the other being Vivi.
  • When beginning a Struggle match with Setzer, he will say "My life is a chip in your pile. Time to ante up." This is slightly misquoted from Final Fantasy VI: "My life is a chip in your pile! Ante up!"
  • Setzer's character profile will only appear in Jiminy's Journal after an optional Struggle with Sora.