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The Gummiphone sprite
"Chip and Dale's latest invention, an incredible device that enables cross-world communication. It takes pictures, too."
Japanese モバイルポータル
Rōmaji Mobairu Pōtaru

Translation Mobile Portal
Item Rank Buy Sell

The Gummiphone is a gameplay feature in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Sora speaks to Ienzo on the Gummiphone.

The Gummiphone is a phone made up of Gummi Blocks, allowing for communication across different worlds. It had been a project of Chip and Dale's some time before Dream Drop Distance and completed by 2.9. Mickey and Riku were given a Gummiphone before they left to rescue Aqua in the realm of darkness, while another one was given to Sora and another to Ienzo. Chip, Dale, and Ienzo bring Sora up to date on Ansem's Code and ask Jiminy to teach Sora how to use it.

After saving Hayner, Pence and Olette from a Demon Tide, Sora tries to take a photo with them. However, he goofs up and initially believes the camera worked on a timer. Goofy takes the picture, with a scowling Donald included with the quartet. Olette sees a Lucky Emblem in the background, which Sora, Donald and Goofy recognize as the King's symbol.

When attempting to access the virtual Twilight Town, Sora gets a call from Ienzo, who was alerted that someone was trying to access the DTD from another computer. Talking with Pence over the Gummiphone, Ienzo establishes a link with both computers, allowing him more data to crack the Code and reconstruct Roxas's heart.

Sora attempts to call Ienzo to find out about getting a body for Roxas's heart. However, he gets the King and Riku instead; they fill him in on replicas, while Sora updates them on Maleficent and the Organization's search for the Black Box.

Having grown impatient with not regaining the power of waking, Sora considers calling Riku to find a way into the Realm of Darkness. Ienzo calls, revealing a portion of Ansem's Code states three hearts reside within Sora's heart. After their recent run in with Vanitas, Goofy decides the second heart belongs to Ventus; though Sora is clueless who the third heart is.

After arriving in San Fransokyo, Sora attempts to call Riku to tell him how amazing the sights are. However, he is stopped by a Heartless attack.

Having lost contact with the King and Riku in the Dark World, a concerned Chip and Dale call Sora to tell him the news. As the trio debate over how to go help, Chip and Dale explain that the King could get into the Dark World because his Keyblade came from that realm.

Aqua, Ventus, Kairi, and Lea are later given Gummiphones with summaries about everything that has happened in the last decade to help clear up confusion. Ienzo later lends his Gummiphone to Demyx to be used as proof he is on the Guardians of Light's side while looking for replicas at the Keyblade Graveyard.


The Gummiphone contains two cameras, a microphone, and the ability to communicate between worlds. Sora can use it to make video calls between worlds, like a normal smartphone. In gameplay, Sora can take pictures, scan QR codes in order to download Classic Kingdom minigames, and read Jiminy's Journal, which is now digital and maintained by Jiminy Cricket on the phone itself.

  • Photo Album: displays photos taken with the Gummiphone.
  • Lucky Emblems: shows Lucky Emblems collected and still hidden in each world.
  • Classic Kingdom: plays Classic Kingdom minigames.
  • Story: summarizes each world's storyline, as well as Sora's own story.
  • Glossary: displays a list of Glossary terms.
  • Secret Reports: displays the Secret Reports.
  • Character Files: displays brief character descriptions.
  • Adversaries: displays information and tips on the various adversaries, separated in four categories: Heartless, Nobody, Unversed and Other.
  • Treasures: displays treasures found and still hidden in each world.
  • Recipe Collection
  • Synthesis: displays data on past items synthesized.
  • Game Records:


The Gummiphone has a camera mode that is accessed by pressing the PlayStation 4 touchpad. Getting hit by an attack will force Sora out of camera mode, unless the Frontline Photographer ability is equipped.

Command Input Description
Move Sora Left Stick Maneuver Sora for the perfect position.
Move Camera Right Stick Angle the camera.
Take Picture R1 Takes a picture.
Hide HUD Square Hide the heads-up display.
Switch Mode X Toggle between normal mode and selfie mode.
Zoom In L2 Zoom the camera in on an object. Only used in normal mode.
Zoom Out R2 Zoom the camera out. Only used in normal mode.
Switch Selfie L1 Switch selfie poses. Only used in selfie mode.

Selfie poses[edit]

While in selfie mode, Sora has a variety of selfie poses he can choose from. He starts off the game with two and can obtain three more by completing Battlegates. New Game Plus allows Sora to transfer selfie poses between save files.

  • Default 1: Sora simply says, "Yeah!"
  • Default 2: Sora extends his left arm and says, "Cheese!"
  • Palm of Your Hand: Sora raises his left hand as if he is holding something in his palm. Obtained by completing five Battlegates.
  • Yoink!: Sora raises his left hand with two fingers outstretched as if to grab something in midair. Obtained by completing ten Battlegates.
  • Finger Smack: Sora makes an "OK" hand signal. Pressing L1 again while in this pose has Sora flick his hand as if smacking someone with the finger. Obtained by completing all fourteen Battlegates.