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Beginner's Cup

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Beginner's Cup

An easy tournament that pits you against the brawn and the blubber.
Katakana ビギナースカップ

Romaji Bigināsu Kappu
Rounds 2

Unlocked Clear the Training Cup.
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Round Opponent Enemies

1 Hayner Yoggy Ram
Hebby Repp
2 Pence Meowjesty
Kooma Panda
Tama Sheep

The Beginner's Cup is the second tournament held at the Flick Rush arena in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Round 1[edit]

The Yoggy Ram can be powerful but slow, the Hebby Repp is fast but frail, while the Pricklemane is mediocre all-around. They can easily be taken out with several Mega Flares or similar special attacks.

Final Round[edit]

The Meowjesty is rather slow, so that it can be easily taken out with normal or special attacks. Meanwhile, the Tama Sheep quickly deals out attacks, so it will require quick defenses and high-value attacks to overcome. The Kooma Panda, meanwhile, is slow and powerful, and all of its attacks should be defended against carefully. Whenever there is an opening, the player's Spirits should lay down the attacks.

Dream Eaters[edit]