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Japanese ワンツ
Rōmaji Wantsu
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy X
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Wantz is a Twilight Town shopkeeper who appears in Kingdom Hearts II.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Wantz is found buying and selling goods to Sora and his party.


Wantz is a little boy with short, black hair and orange eyes. He wears dark green shoes, white socks, green shorts, and a white long-sleeved shirt underneath a yellow and red T-shirt.


Wantz is a minor character from Final Fantasy X where he serves as a shopkeeper to the party after his brother, O'aka the XXIII, is taken into custody by Yevon. By achieving Episode Complete at Macalania Lake in Final Fantasy X-2, he will once again become a shopkeeper at the former travel agency along with his brother.