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A screenshot of Sora battling several groups of Honey Bees
Bumble-Rumble mini-game from Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

Bumble-Rumble (ハチたいじ Hachi Taiji?, lit. "Bee Extermination") is a mini-game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.


While Sora helps Pooh reunite with his friends the pair run into Eeyore, who has once again lost his tail. Not long after, Pooh finds the tail in a honey hole in a nearby tree.


Exterminate 50 of the bees that swarm Pooh!


Sora will have to go near the hole in the tree in order to start the mini-game. Sora must protect Pooh from the angry bees.

Sora is given three types of cards: Keyblade cards for directly attacking the bees; Wind cards to blow the bees away; and Honey cards to recover parts of Pooh's honey gauge. Should Pooh's honey gauge become completely empty, Sora fails the mini-game. Sora can use a new sleight called "Honey Storm", which summons a whirlwind of honey pots that will drive the surrounding bees away. The game is completed once Sora successfully defeats 50 groups of bees.

Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png
9 0 2 6 9 0 6
Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Wind (card).png Honey (card).png Honey (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png
2 0 7 6 8 0 2
Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png Keyblade (card).png
9 3 6 8


Bumble Rumble