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Barnyard Sports

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Barnyard Sports is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora and Mickey participate in one of three sports.

Game Help[edit]

Challenge Mickey to track and field events!
Press Touch Pad to select a sport, then press to begin.

100 Meters
Alternate between pressing Triangle and Circle to fun as fast as you can!

Alternate between Triangle and Circle to run. Leap each hurdle by pressing Up!

Triple Jump
Alternate between Triangle and Circle to run, then press Up to perform the first jump. For the second and third jumps, wait for the gauge to reach the JUMP! indicator before you press Up.


This mini-game consists of three games: 100 Meters, Hurdles, and Triple Jump. For each game, the "DASH" buttons can be used to make Sora run, and the "JUMP" button is used in the Hurdles and Triple Jump games to jump.

The screen is split in two, with the top half showing Sora, and the bottom half showing Mickey. A gauge in the center shows Sora's speed, and when jumping during the Triple Jump, when Sora should jump again.

The MULTISPORT game mode can be chosen to participate in all three games in succession. The winner of the event is the one who has won at least two of the games.

In 100 Meters, Sora should run as fast as possible by alternating between the DASH buttons.

In Hurdles, Sora should run like in 100 Meters, and use the JUMP button when approaching a hurdle. Not jumping on time causes Sora to hit the hurdle, costing valuable time.

In Triple Jump, Sora should run to gain speed, then press the JUMP button just before crossing the line. After the first jump, the gauge will fill, and when the JUMP! indicator is highlighted, Sora should jump again.


Barnyard Sports is based on the "Barnyard Olympics" Mickey Mouse short from 1932. In the short, a big sporting event is being held. Mickey participates in a cross-country run, which consists of running, pole-vaulting, rowing, and cycling.