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I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
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This article is about the expanded world in Kingdom Hearts III.
You may be looking for the Coliseum.

Olympus is a world in Kingdom Hearts III, based on the Disney film Hercules. It is an expansion on the recurring world of Olympus Coliseum.

Settings and Areas[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts III, Olympus is drastically expanded compared to Olympus Coliseum and covers three major areas: Mount Olympus, Thebes, and the Realm of the Gods. However, the coliseum itself does not appear in the game.

Mount Olympus[edit]

Mount Olympus (オリンポス山 Orinposu-san?) is the area Sora's party briefly visits upon entering the world. After getting blasted all the way to Thebes following an encounter with Hades gone wrong, the party re-approaches the mountain at the Ravine (渓谷 Keikoku?) near its base, where there is a normally shallow river and waterfall that Water Cores have turned into overflowing rapids until the Heartless are destroyed. Directly above the Ravine is the Cliff Ascent (崖道 Gakemichi?, lit. "Cliff Road"), which houses a shrine and towering statue of Zeus. Past this is the Mountainside (断崖 Dangai?, lit. "Precipice"), the almost completely vertical face of the mountain that reaches into the clouds, leading to stormy weather; the climb is made more treacherous by rock slides caused by the Rock Titan. After scaling the walls and heading through the caves, the party finally reaches the Summit (山頂 Sanchō?), where their epic battle against the Rock Titan takes place, and where the golden gates to the Realm of the Gods itself can be found.


Thebes (テーベ Tēbe?) is the bustling city near Mount Olympus where Megara lives. The entrance to the city is located at the Agora (市民広場 Shimin Hiroba?, lit. "Citizen's Square"), a plaza with a massive statue of Hercules in the center. To help with the rescue effort against the Heartless, Hercules flings the party to Thebes' highest point, the Overlook ( Oka?, lit. "Hill"), where one has clear view of the whole city, and where the party can interact with the Cherry Flan. From there, the party travel down to the Gardens (庭園 Teien?), a beautiful and pristine place largely undamaged by the Heartless, and the site where Zeus buried Pandora's Box, which Maleficent and Pete falsely presume to be the Black Box they are searching for. Further down is The Big Olive (表通り Omotedōri?, lit. "Main Street"), a confined street that leads back to the Agora; alternatively, the party can keep going forward and take a detour through the Alleyway (路地 Roji?), which connects to the plaza fountain through a waterway.

Realm of the Gods[edit]

At the top of Mount Olympus is Olympus itself, otherwise known as the Realm of the Gods (天界 Tenkai?, lit. "The Heavens")



  • The Fates are mentioned by the Narrator.
  • The Muses are shown in an image on a wall in Thebes.
  • Terra, Cloud and Auron appeared as statues during the opening cutscene of Olympus.





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