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Christmas Elves

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Christmas Elves

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Christmas Elf (Female) KHII.png

Japanese クリスマスエルフ
Rōmaji Kurisumasu Erufu
Homeworld Christmas Town
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Game Kingdom Hearts II

The Christmas Elves are characters who appear in Kingdom Hearts II. They are Santa Claus's helpers who prepare and package presents in time for Christmas. They are found in the factory of Christmas Town.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The elves help Santa get ready for Christmas by preparing and packaging presents. They work within Santa's factory and one allows Sora have access to the Gift Wrapping mini-game when talked to.


The elves are small, doll-like people.

The male elf's thin lips are shaped into a large, friendly smile and he has a large, pink, round nose. He has small, black eyes, brown eyebrows and pink blusher on his cheeks. He wears a tall, green hat, red gloves, a blue collar shirt and a green dungaree with blue straps.

The female elf is more doll-like than the male elf. She has red lips, a flat nose, black eyes, blue hair and pink blusher. She wears a tall, pink hat that ends in a heart and a red dress. She also has purple and red, stripy socks and red shoes.


In American folklore, Christmas elves live with Santa in the North Pole, helping him prepare for Christmas. They appeared in Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas, again as Santa's helpers.