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Battle cards appear on the card reel in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Battle cards (バトルカード Batoru kādo?) are a type of card in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. They are the primary mechanic for fighting enemies, replacing most of the abilities and skills from Kingdom Hearts, including weapon skills, magic, summons, items, and passive abilities.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Upon entering Castle Oblivion, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are confronted by Marluxia, who reveals to them that they have forgotten every ability they knew. After Sora enters the first floor of the castle with the Traverse Town world card, he faces Marluxia again, who introduces Sora to battling with cards.

Later on, the group encounters the memory-based version of Leon, who teaches Sora about card values, card breaks, and stocking cards.

After Riku makes his way through the twelfth basement of the castle, he encounters Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, who introduces him to card duels. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories


In battle[edit]

When Sora or Riku enters a battle, they gain the use of the cards in their equipped deck. Pressing A (X and Circle in the English and Japanese releases of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, respectively) plays the currently selected card from the deck, immediately activating its effect. The cards in the deck can be cycled by pressing L or R (L1 or R1 in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories), even upon using a card to switch mid-action.

For enemies, the type of enemy present affects the value of cards that can be used against Sora or Riku. While regular enemies have the potential to use cards valued between 1 to 8, only bosses can wield the card values of 0 and 9. Because one side each has only one card to play at a time, multiple enemies unlike in other games cannot attack at once and can only play their own cards one at a time.

The Feeble Darkness and Almighty Darkness Map Cards can be used to synthesize rooms that can either respectively lower or raise the value of the cards wielded by non-boss enemies by a value of 2 from the original ratio, with the lowest reduced number being at the value of 1. The same raises can be done to Sora and Riku's cards in the rooms synthesized by either the Martial Waking, Sorcerous Waking or Alchemic Waking Map Cards for their Attack, Magic or Item Cards respectively. Premium Cards have their value colored yellow, and cards with a value that is modified by either a Map Card or an Enemy Card have their value colored light blue.


Reload Card (card).png

The Reload Card (リロードカード Rirōdo Kādo?) is a special kind of Card in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It is used by Sora, Riku, and any boss that uses a deck. It is a black colored card with a grey border. While Sora's card has a white-colored back, bosses have theirs colored black, similarily to Enemy Cards.

As the name suggests, the Reload Card reloads all reloadable cards in the deck. A large white number in the center of the Card shows the Reload Counter (リロードカウント Rirōdo Kaunto?, lit. "Reload Count"). It starts at 1, and can go up to a maximum of 3. To use the Reload Card, one must charge it. While charging, the Card is filled with a red color, and when full, the Reload Counter decreases by 1. When the Reload Counter reaches 0, the deck is reloaded. Every time the deck gets reloaded, the Reload Counter's starting value increases by 1, although it can be reset using Mega-Potions, Mega-Ethers, Megalixirs, the Reload Haste effect and the Gifted Miracle Sleight. The Reload Lock effect prevents the counter from increasing after 3 reloads.

Cards that have been played become temporarily unavailable, until the Reload Card is used. Sora must charge the reload card in order to restore his cards to the deck to be played again. Each time the deck is reloaded, the reload card must be charged an additional time, up to a maximum of three times, although certain item cards can reset the reload counter to 1. Sora cannot charge the reload card while moving, except when the Reload Kinesis ability is in effect. The reload card is not a card that needs to be added to a deck, but in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Sora can lose his reload card when Marluxia's third form's Whirlwind to the Void Sleight. Sora needs to retrieve his Reload Card to be able to reload his deck again.

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, using the Double Sleight Enemy Card effect during a Link Mode battle sets the user's Reload Card to 3.

Most types of cards will be returned to the deck when the Reload Card is activated. Temporary cards, including Friend Cards and Gimmick Cards, will not be reloaded. Enemy Cards, Special Cards are not reusable. Cards broken by the Zantetsuken Sleight, as well as Cards that are stocked first are not reloadable without certain Item Cards.

Riku does not have to charge his reload card; it activates immediatly. Additionally from Item Cards, using MM Miracle and entering Dark Mode reloads his deck as well.

Card breaks[edit]

Each battle card is marked with a card value between 0 and 9. A card break (カードブレイク kādo bureiku?) occurs when a card is played at the same time as an opposing card with a lower value. The card with the lower value will be broken, halting the corresponding attack and causing the user to recoil, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Attempting to play a lower-valued card will result in failing to break the enemy's attack and wasting the card, while playing a card with the same value cancels both cards. Cards with a value of 0 can be broken by any card, but they can also be used to break any card or sleight, regardless of value. The Omni Break ability allows Sora to break any card, regardless of values.

During Reverse/Rebirth, breaking enemy cards fills Riku's DP Gauge. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, breaking an enemy card just as it appears results in a Rapid Break (スピードブレイク Supīdo Bureiku?, lit. "Speed Break"), giving Riku 5 extra DP (with the screen displaying the total DP gain for this card break), and increasing the strength of his attack by 50%.

Stocking cards[edit]

See also: Sleight

Sora and Riku can stock up to three cards before playing them, by pressing the shoulder buttons simultaneously in the original release, or by pressing Triangle in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Stocked cards appear next to the HP gauge at the top-left of the screen, along with their combined card values. Stocked cards can be played in the original release by pressing the shoulder buttons simultaneously with three stocked cards, and in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories by pressing Triangle with three stocked cards, or pressing L1 and R1 simultaneously to one to three stocked cards. In the enhanced remake, stocked cards can be canceled with L2. When using stocked cards, the first card selected will be removed from the deck for the remainder of the battle, unless restored using certain Item cards or protected using Sleight Lock.

Playing stocked cards makes it difficult for attacks to be broken, and makes breaking enemy attacks easier. Additionally, certain combinations of stocked cards activate sleights, or special abilities, when played. Sleights become available for use under certain conditions, such as upon leveling up or obtaining a certain card. Many of Riku's sleights also require that he activate a Duel or Dark Mode.

Cloud, Hades, Captain Hook, Riku Replica, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and members of Organization XIII (with the exception of Marluxia's Second Form), can also stock cards and utilize sleights.

Card Duels[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Riku can activate a Card Duel by playing a card with the same value as an enemy's card and pressing Triangle. The Duel Trigger ability makes Riku able to activate a duel regardless of values. In a Card Duel, Riku must match or break a certain number of cards played by the enemy within a time limit. The number of cards and time limit depend on the enemy. If Riku succeeds, he executes a Duel Sleight, but if he fails, he becomes stunned.

Card decks[edit]

Sora and Riku's decks determine the cards they can wield in battle.

Sora can alter the makeup of his deck, by adding, removing, or changing the order of cards. The deck cannot contain more than 99 cards, and it is further limited by Sora's maximum CP, or Card Points. Each card costs CP to be added to the deck, with more powerful cards and higher card values requiring more. Premium Cards cost much less than standard cards, but if used in normal attacks, they cannot be reloaded in battle unless restored by certain item cards or protected using Premium Guard. Maximum CP can be increased upon leveling up. Sora can save three different decks that he can equip, each of which can be accessed from the Main Menu. Cards may be shared between decks.

Riku's deck is predetermined by the world he is currently exploring and cannot be altered.

Premium Cards[edit]

Premium Cards.

Premium Cards (プレミアムカード Puremia Kādo?) appear in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as an upgrade to normal playing cards, which lowers their CP cost while making it impossible to reload them normally. A Premium Card has the same appearance as its original form, except that its number has been embossed in gold, and its surface has been made glossy. However for a Premium Card to be unreloadable it has to be used in a combo attack. If it is used as the second or third card in a Sleight they can still be reloaded.

A Premium Bonus.

A Premium Card can be created by picking up a Premium Bonus (プレミアプライズ Puremia Puraizu?, lit. "Premium Prize"), which are sometimes dropped by Heartless during battle. If a Premium Bonus is picked up, a spinning roulette containing the player's deck will appear once the battle ends. The player can either accept the Premium Bonus by pressing X, which will stop the roulette wheel and convert the card it lands on into a Premium Card, or reject it by pressing Circle, which will remove the roulette wheel and return the player to the map. Premium Bonuses drop most frequently in Premium Rooms, White Rooms, and Black Rooms. Premium Cards can also be randomly purchased at the Moogle Shop, and net increased Moogle Points when sold.

Card types[edit]

There are several types of cards that can be played in battle. Attack Cards (アタックカード Atakku kādo?) are colored bright red and represent weapon attacks. Playing them in succession creates a combo attack. Magic Cards (マジックカード Majikku kādo?) are colored bright blue and represent magic skills. Summon Cards (召喚カード Shōkan kādo?) are a subset of magic cards that temporarily call summons to the field in Sora's place. Item Cards (アイテムカード Aitemu kādo?) are colored bright green and are one-use cards that restore attack and magic cards to the deck. Friend Cards (フレンドカード Furendo Kādo?) are the same green color as item cards, and they summon one of Sora's party members to the field to fight alongside him. Unlike the other types of battle cards, friend cards are one-use cards that appear randomly during battle and are not retained after the battle ends.

Enemy Cards (エネミーカード Enemī kādo?) are colored black and activate a passive ability, which lasts a set amount of time before it expires. Only one Enemy Card effect can be in use at a time. The two Special Cards (スペシャルカード Supesharu Kādo?), exclusive to Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, act identically to Enemy Cards.

Gimmick Cards (ギミックカード Gimikku Kādo?) appear randomly during Boss Battles. These cards are colored green, like item and friend cards, and have the Mickey Mouse insignia on their faces. When used, a special, temporary condition will appear on the field that assists Sora or Riku in attacking the enemy. For example, playing a gimmick card against the Parasite Cage will clear the acid from the field, making it easier to approach the boss.