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Candy Kingdom

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I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
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Candy Kingdom is a world within Game Central Station introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is based on the game Sugar Rush featured in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Candy Kingdom consists of the Candy Cane Forest, the Candy Savannah, the Race Track, the Kart Bakery, King Candy's Castle and his Fungeon, Diet Cola Mountain and Vanellope's hideout, and the Bridge that connects to the station entrance.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

After being ejected from Cy-Bug sector, Ralph lands in Candy Kingdom, where he crashes into the Candy Cane Forest. The Cy-bug seemingly drowns in a Taffy lake and Ralph loses his medal in a tree. While attempting to retrieve it, he meets a girl called Vanellope who mistakes the medal for a gold coin and takes it, with the intent on using it to enter the upcoming Race. Meanwhile Calhoun tracks the Cy-Bug to Candy Kingdom and uses her hover board to take herself and Felix down the Cable Tunnel, leaving Player to make their own way. Upon arriving in the game, Player meets Vanellope when her glitch powers prevent her from moving forward. Vanellope introduces herself then tells Player about the Race and asks if they want to come and see it. On the track Vanellope uses the medal to enter the Race, King Candy appears and asks what she is doing before the Heartless show up. King Candy blames the attack on Vanellope who denies it's her fault. Player fights off the Heartless before a stange monster appears, which unbeknownst to them is actually Ralph covered in Taffy. Player fights it off, giving Vanellope chance to escape. After defeating the monster, King Candy asks for an explanation of the Heartless, before asking if Player would mind finding Vanellope for him, to ensure her safety. He also takes the monster away for questioning with his henchman Sour Bill.

Player finds Vanellope who shows them her kart, but they are attacked by Heartless who wreck the kart. However Ralph shows up, having escaped King Candy and assists Player in defeating the Heartless. Ralph demands Vanellope give him his medal back but she said she can't unless she wins the race, but she now needs a new Kart. Ralph agrees to help her if she promises to give him it back after the race. Vanellope takes Ralph and Player to the Kart Bakery in order to get a new Kart. Ralph helps Vanellope make the Kart while Player fights off Heartless. Vanellope is overjoyed with her new Kart but King Candy shows up with his own army of Heartless to capture her. To make matters worse Vanellope reveals she doesn't know how to drive so Ralph and Player help her escape to her hideout in Diet Cola Mountain. Ralph then builds a track for Vanellope, with the assistance of Player, so she can learn how to drive. Player leaves them alone for a while in order to explore the game.

Upon returning Player finds Ralph talking to King Candy, who leaves shortly after. When Vanellope appears, Ralph suggests it might not be a good idea if Vanellope races as her glitch powers might cause her game to get unplugged for being faulty, and as Vanellope is a glitch she can't leave the game so would be trapped. Vanellope becomes suspicious and find his medal has been returned to him. Upset that Ralph sold her out to King Candy, Vanellope attempts to drive off but Ralph restrains her on a nearby tree before smashing her Kart to pieces. A distraught Vanellope runs off and Ralph leaves for home, Chirithy suggests that they ask Ralph about Vanellope's glitching as he seems to know a lot about it, and it might explain what they've been seeing in Daybreak Town.

After learning of Vanellope's picture on the game box, Ralph returns to Candy Kingdom with Player. They confront Sour Bill, who reveals King Candy is the real bad guy, he tried to delete Vanellope and locked up all the other characters memories, so they wouldn't remember the truth. He also reveals that if Vanellope crosses the finish line, the game will reset and she won't be a glitch anymore, and that she and Felix are locked in the Fungeon under King Candy's Castle. Ralph takes the ruined Kart and asks Player to help him find Felix to fix it. The two fight their way to the Castle where they break into the Fungeon and find Felix. Felix, initially glad to see Ralph begins scolding him for being so selfish, while also revealing he fell out with Calhoun because he really likes her. Ralph apologizes and convinces Felix to fix the kart, before they go and find Vanellope so Ralph can reconcile with her.

The race begins before Vanellope can reach it, leading King Candy to believe he's safe. On the way to the track, Ralph explains to Vanellope about the race and that she only has to cross the finish line but Vanellope is determined to win. As she zooms off, Calhoun appears and informs the group that the Cy-Bug Ralph brought didn't die and has multiplied, before a swarm of Cy-Bugs appear and begin destroying the game. Player and Ralph assists Calhoun in fighting off the Bugs, while Felix helps evacuate the game. During the race Vanellope gets the lead on King Candy, leading to a confrontation where her glitch powers reveal his true identity as Turbo. Ralph and Felix explain to Calhoun and Player that Turbo was the star of a racing game along time ago in the arcade, but that he became jealous of a new game and tried to destroy it, resulting in both game being unplugged. Turbo reveals to Vanellope that he reprogrammed her game so he could be the star again before attempting to get rid of Vanellope once and for all. However Vanellope manages to use her glitch powers to evade Turbo and Turbo is seemingly killed by a Cy-Bug.

As Vanellope reaches the finish line, the attacking Cy-Bugs cause her to crash before destroying the finish line. With no other choice the group attempt to evacuate the game but Ralph finds Vanellope can't leave. Calhoun informs them that without a beacon they can't stop the Cy-Bug, which gives Ralph an idea. Borrowing Calhoun's hover board, he and Player go to Diet Cola Mountain where Ralph attempts to dislodge the Mentos plug into the Hot Cola lake below. Player helps by fighting off the Heartless and Cy-Bugs which appear attempting to stop Ralph, but are surprised when Turbo appears, now having merged with the Cy-Bug that ate him. Turbo announces he's become the most powerful virus in the arcade and tries to stop Ralph from ruining his plans further. He picks Ralph up so that he can get a good view of Vanellope's demise, but Ralph breaks free of his grip and plummets into the Mentos, finally dislodging it and triggering an eruption. Player tries to save Ralph but he has accepted his fate and begins falling into the volcano. Thankfully, Vanellope arrives using her glitch powers to rescue Ralph and Player before the mountain explodes, creating a makeshift beacon with destroys all the Cy-Bugs and Turbo.

In the Candy Cane Forest, Ralph and Vanellope set off to the Race Track so Vanellope can finish the race, but Player stays behind after sensing something. Suddenly a highly evolved Darkling/Cy-bug hybrid appears and fights Player, continuing to state 'Not You' to Player who defeats it. Afterwards Chirithy questions what it meant and wonders if, like the Cy-Bugs and the beacons, Darkness is attracted to Keyblade wielders in the same way. Back on the Race Track, Felix fixes the finish line and Ralph helps Vanellope cross it, resulting in the game resetting and revealing Vanellope as a Princess and the true ruler of the Kingdom. However Vanellope refuses to give up her glitch powers. Calhoun and Felix reconcile before she hurries everyone along and Ralph says goodbye to Vanellope before leaving with them, Chirithy also suggests Player return to Daybreak Town to report in to the Union Leaders.


  • Images of Taffyta Muttonfudge, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Candlehead, Jubileena Bing-Bing, Snowanna Rainbeau, Crumbellina DiCarmello, Gloyd Orangboar, Swizzle Malarkey, Minty Sakura, Adorabeezle Winterpop, Citrusella Flugpucker, Sticky Wipplesnit, Nougetsia Brumblestain, and Torvald Batterbutter appear.