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World Cards

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World Cards (ワールドカード Wārudo Kādo?) are a type of Card in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts coded.

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, World Cards are light blue, with an image of a World on it. One World Card can be used on each floor to transform it into a certain World. Unlike other Cards, World Cards are obtained from other characters during events.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, the Destiny Islands World Card shows its World image from Kingdom Hearts II in cutscenes, despite the Card itself using the image from Kingdom Hearts.

In Kingdom Hearts coded, World Cards allow Data-Sora to change the rooms of the digital Castle Oblivion into representations of the worlds he has visited.


Deep Jungle appears in early screenshots of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, but was removed due to Square Enix being unable to secure the rights to use Tarzan in future works.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Marluxia produces the Traverse Town world card, crafted from Sora's memory.

Upon entering Castle Oblivion, Sora, Donald, and Goofy encounter Marluxia, who samples Sora's memories and gives him a card for Traverse Town. They encounter the figure again once they reach the 1F Exit Hall, but when Axel appears, the figure gives him a number of cards and leaves him to test Sora. After defeating Axel, Sora receives the cards for Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, Wonderland, Monstro and Halloween Town. As Axel and Larxene observe the group reach the sixth floor, Larxene declares it to be her turn to face Sora, and Axel gives her more cards. After she is defeated in the 6F Exit Hall, she tauntingly gives Sora the cards for Atlantica, Neverland, Hollow Bastion, and the 100 Acre Wood.

In the meantime, Riku awakens in a strange place, where DiZ offers a way out by presenting him with the card to Hollow Bastion. When Riku takes hold of it, the card takes him to the B12F Entrance Hall. After leaving the floor, Riku is confronted by and fights Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, who gives him cards for Traverse Town, Agrabah, Monstro, and Neverland, as well as providing Riku with the use of Dark Mode. After Riku reaches the B7F Entrance Hall, Ansem appears again, and he gives Riku the cards to Olympus Coliseum, Wonderland, Halloween Town and Atlantica, challenging him to continue resisting the darkness.

When Vexen brings the Riku Replica to the upper floors, Axel gives him the Destiny Islands card, which Naminé uses to change the replica's memories to think he is the real Riku. She also transforms the card into the form of a good luck charm.

Vexen gives Sora the Twilight Town card when he is defeated in the 10F Exit Hall, saying he made it from the memories locked in the other side of Sora's heart.

After fighting the Riku Replica for the third time, in the 11F Exit Hall, the replica drops his good luck charm, which transforms back into the Destiny Islands card in Sora's hand.

When Riku reaches the B3F Entrance Hall, Zexion gives him the Destiny Islands card. Mickey Mouse finally catches up to Riku in the B2F Entrance Hall, and he gives him the Twilight Town card, saying it led him from the Realm of Darkness to where Riku was. At the Exit Hall, DiZ gives Riku a Castle Oblivion card to draw out Ansem from within his heart.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Upon reaching Castle Oblivion, Data-Sora encounters Data-Roxas, who gives him the Destiny Islands card and tells him to use it to find the "truth that sleeps". After Sora clears the room, the figure taunts him about his lost memories and gives him the cards for Traverse Town, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah and Hollow Bastion.

After Data-Sora has used all of the cards, the figure confronts him again and engages him in battle. After Sora defeats him and accepts the burden of hurt into his heart, the figure gives him the Castle Oblivion card, which leads him to Data-Naminé's room.

List of World Cards[edit]

World Floor Sora's Story Reverse/Rebirth
Signature Attack Card Friend Card Bounty Rewards Room of Rewards Enemy Card Rewards
Traverse Town (Card) KHRECOM.png
Traverse Town
Sora's Story: 1F
Reverse/Rebirth: B11F-B8F
Hidden Dragon[1][KH Re:CoM]
Maverick Flare[2][KH Re:CoM]
Guard Armor
Saïx[3][KH Re:CoM]
Shadow Guard Armor
Wonderland (Card) KHRECOM.png
Sora's Story: 2F-6F
Reverse/Rebirth: B7F-B4F
Lady Luck Stop Card Soldier
Stop Raid[KH CoM]
Synchro[KH Re:CoM]
Xemnas[3][KH Re:CoM]
Large Body Trickmaster
Olympus Coliseum (Card) KHRECOM.png
Olympus Coliseum
Sora's Story: 2F-6F
Reverse/Rebirth: B7F-B4F
Olympia Blizzard Raid Hi-Potion
Metal Chocobo
Monochrome[1][KH Re:CoM]
Total Eclipse[2][KH Re:CoM]
Powerwild Hades
Agrabah (Card) KHRECOM.png
Sora's Story: 2F-6F
Reverse/Rebirth: B11F-B8F
Three Wishes Aladdin Gravity Ether
Blazing Donald[KH CoM]
Warp[KH Re:CoM]
Luxord[3][KH Re:CoM]
Fat Bandit Jafar
Halloween Town (Card) KHRECOM.png
Halloween Town
Sora's Story: 2F-6F
Reverse/Rebirth: B7F-B4F
Pumpkinhead Jack Gifted Miracle Terror
Oogie Boogie
Gravity Raid[KH CoM]
Bind[KH Re:CoM]
Bond of Flame[3][KH Re:CoM]
Wight Knight Oogie Boogie
Monstro (Card) KHRECOM.png
Sora's Story: 2F-6F
Reverse/Rebirth: B11F-B8F
Wishing Star Fire Raid High Jump[KH Re:CoM]
Parasite Cage
Aqua Splash
Xaldin[3][KH Re:CoM]
Search Ghost Parasite Cage
Atlantica (Card) KHRECOM.png
Sora's Story: 7F-10F
Reverse/Rebirth: B7F-B4F
Crabclaw Ariel Homing Blizzara
Shock Impact
Ursula Quake
Demyx[3][KH Re:CoM]
Sea Neon
Darkball[KH Re:CoM]
Neverland (Card) KHRECOM.png
Sora's Story: 7F-10F
Reverse/Rebirth: B11F-B8F
Fairy Harp Peter Pan Homing Fira[KH CoM]
Glide[KH Re:CoM]
Tinker Bell
Thunder Raid
Follow the Wind[1][KH Re:CoM]
Midnight Roar[2][KH Re:CoM]
Pirate Hook
Hollow Bastion (Card) KHRECOM.png
Hollow Bastion
Sora's Story: 7F-10F
Reverse/Rebirth: B12F
Divine Rose Beast Cross-slash+[KH CoM]
Reflect Raid
Dragon Maleficent Mushu
Xigbar[3][KH Re:CoM]
Defender Dragon Maleficent
100 Acre Wood (Card) 2 KHRECOM.png
100 Acre Wood
Sora's Story: 7F-10F
Bind[KH CoM]
Idyll Romp
Synchro[KH CoM]
Firaga Burst[KH Re:CoM]
Mega-Ether[KH Re:CoM]
Cross-slash+[KH Re:CoM]
Twilight Town (Card) KHRECOM.png
Twilight Town
Sora's Story: 11F
Reverse/Rebirth: B2F
One-Winged Angel[4] Firaga Break[KH CoM]
Warpinator[KH Re:CoM]
Ansem[5][KH Re:CoM]
Vexen Warp[KH CoM]
Stardust Blitz[KH Re:CoM]
Roxas[3][KH Re:CoM]
Destiny Islands (Card) KHRECOM.png
Destiny Islands
Sora's Story: 12F
Reverse/Rebirth: B3F
Zexion[5][KH Re:CoM]
Photon Debugger[1][KH Re:CoM]
Two Become One[2][KH Re:CoM]
Zexion[KH Re:CoM]
Castle Oblivion (Card) KHRECOM.png
Castle Oblivion
Sora's Story: 13F[8]
Reverse/Rebirth: B1F
Diamond Dust[4] Raging Storm[KH Re:CoM]
Ultima Weapon[5]
Ansem[5][KH CoM]
Trinity Limit
Super Glide[KH Re:CoM]
Star Seeker[3][KH Re:CoM]

Notes and references[edit]

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  8. ^ Sora enters Castle Oblivion without using a World Card.