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Block Tigger

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Block Tigger mini-game from Kingdom Hearts.

Block Tigger (ティガーブロック Tigā Burokku?, lit. "Tigger Block") is a mini-game located in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts, in which Sora has to block Tigger from bouncing on Rabbit's carrots in his big garden outside his house.


Sora comes across Tigger quite unexpectedly outside Rabbit's house, while Pooh is stuck in a hole in Rabbit's house. Tigger's bouncing spot had "disappeared", and he uses Rabbit's carrot patch as his new bouncing ground. Rabbit becomes worried, because Tigger's bouncing would ruin his vegetables, especially the carrot patch — Pooh needs carrot top juice to be removed from the hole, or else he would be stuck forever. Rabbit begins to panic, but Owl comes with a solution, and explains the rules of the minigame to Sora.

After the mini-game is complete, Tigger bounces off, and Sora grabs the carrots he saved and gives them to Rabbit. Rabbit makes some carrot juice and, with help from Sora and Piglet, proceeds to get Pooh out of the hole. The results are successful, and Pooh is launched from the hole, landing on top of a collection of honey pots. The Torn page is then completed, and Sora is rewarded with a Mythril.


The game's score is calculated by multiplying the number of times you block Tigger by the number of Rabbit's carrots you save.

In order to unlock Sora's Cheer ability one needs to receive a score of 150 or higher.


Whenever Tigger bounces on a carrot twice, it gets buried. The aim of the game is to prevent Tigger from bouncing on any carrot twice. To do so, Sora has to get to the carrots before Tigger can. Sora has to be right below him, and Tigger will have to bounce off Sora's head.

The "Rush" command is especially useful, and can be used to block Tigger's bouncing several times successively. Hit "Rush" whenever Tigger is in the air, about to land on a carrot, and Sora will rush to where he is.