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Leviathan (ship)

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For other uses, see Leviathan (disambiguation).

The Leviathan (リヴァイアサン Rivaiasan?) is a pirate ship that appears in Kingdom Hearts III, serving as the main mode of transportation in The Caribbean. Once the Leviathan is fully upgraded, Sora will also have access to The Black Pearl (ブラックパール号 Burakku Pāru-gō?), a ship belonging to Jack Sparrow.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

While fighting the Raging Vulture, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are knocked off of the Black Pearl and end up marooned on an island, where they, with help from a Jack Sparrow clone created by Calypso, come across the Leviathan and use it to escape.

The Leviathan is also used by them to combat the Flying Dutchman and Kraken during the climactic battle at the maelstrom.


Piloting the Leviathan involves a different set of gameplay than normal. Sora can fire the cannons with X or R2, summon a Water Wall (ウォータウォール Wōta Wōru?) to protect the ship for about 2 seconds with Square, or after reaching level 3 use Surge to perform a charging attack with Circle. He can also build up three Situation Commands while in combat: Raging Cannons, which fires a barrage of cannons; Wind Chasers, which summons a cluster of winds that home in on the enemy, and Tidal Wave, which has the ship jump up before crashing down on the enemy. When not in combat, Sora can disembark from the ship with L2.

The Situation Command that appears during combat is influenced by the color of the last weak point destroyed on a Heartless Ship. Destroying red cores will tend to activate Raging Cannons, blue cores tend to activate Tidal Wave, and green cores tend to activate Wind Chaser.

At the end of a battle, the ship's HP will be restored to full.

The Leviathan can be leveled up by collecting white Crabs around The Caribbean. By leveling up, the Leviathan gets more HP, firepower, and cannons. At level 3, the Surge command is unlocked. Level 9 is the maximum level for the Leviathan. To achieve its maximum level, Sora must collect a total of 1700 crabs.

Level Crabs Required HP Firepower Side Cannons Fore Cannons
1 0 5000 100 10 4
2 100 5500 100 14 4
3 100 6000 110 14 4
4 150 6500 120 14 4
5 150 7000 120 14 8
6 250 7500 130 14 8
7 250 8000 130 18 8
8 300 8500 140 18 8
9 400 9000 150 18 8


Attack Effect Power multiplier
Cannons (キヤノンシヨツト
Kiyanon Shiyotsuto
?, lit. "Cannon Shot")
Fires the ship's cannons. 1.0 per shot
Surge (ラッシュ
?, lit. "Rush")
Charges the ship forward. 32.0
Raging Cannons (レイジングキャノン
Reijingu Kyanon
Fires up to 54 fast-flying flame bullets. 2.5 per shot
Wind Chasers (ウインドチェイサー
Uindo Cheisā
Fires up to 42 consecutive homing wind bullets. 3.2 per shot
Tidal Wave (タイダルウェイブ
Taidaru Weibu
Launches the ship into the sky, descending upon the enemy and creating a massive wave. Collision: 15.0
Tsunami: 100.0

The Black Pearl[edit]

The Black Pearl controls identically Leviathan. It is unlocked once the Leviathan reaches Level 9 and cannot be upgraded. While it cannot fire its cannons directly in front of itself, it is quicker than the Leviathan, being able to fire its cannons at shorter intervals.

Level HP Firepower Side Cannons Fore Cannons
MAX 7000 160 15 0