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Leviathan (ship)

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The Leviathan is a pirate ship that appears in Kingdom Hearts III, serving as the main mode of transportation in The Caribbean.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

While fighting the Raging Vulture, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are knocked off of the Black Pearl and end up marooned on an island, where they, with help from a Jack Sparrow clone created by Calypso, come across the Leviathan and use it to escape.

The Leviathan is also used by them to combat the Flying Dutchman and Kraken during the climactic battle at the maelstrom.


The Leviathan can be leveled up by collecting white Crabs around The Carribean. By leveling up, more cannons are added, and the Surge command is added upon reaching level 3. Level 9 is the maximum level for the Leviathan.