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Toon Board

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Toon Board
Toon Board Map KHBBS.png
You'll need to stay on your toes on this wild, unpredictable board.
Katakana トゥーンボード
Rōmaji Tūn Bōdo
World Disney Town
Opponents Minnie
Captain Dark[1]
Captain Justice[2]
Complete Disney Town.
GP Goals 6000
Starting GP 1500
Checkpoint panel
GP reward
GP Up panel
Initial rate 1%
Increase per panel 3%
MAX rate 15%

The Toon Board is a Command Board in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is shaped like an ice cream parfait.

Special Panel[edit]

The Special Panel for this board is Fantasia (ファンタジア Fantajia?), in which Chip and Dale will run into the scene holding fireworks, and will crash into each other. The fireworks will launch into the sky and explode as they knock each other out, awarding the player an amount of GP earned equal to 200 plus an additional 200 for each panel they own.

Unless a game is being played in the Mirage Arena against Minnie only, this board does not feature Captain Dark and Captain Justice as possible Special Panel effects, owing to Pete's presence as a competitor.


Needs transparent background
Key Normal reward Limited reward Mirage Arena reward
1 Confusion Strike Binding Strike
2 Blizzard Blizzara Zero Graviga
3 Thundara (50%) / Aerora (50%)
4 Freeze Raid Deep Freeze Freeze Raid
5 Blizzard Edge
6 Cure (50%) / Zero Graviga (50%)
7 Stopra (50%) / Blackout (25%) / Bind (25%)

Opponent command cards[edit]

Type Command Lv. Quantity
Magic Blizzara 1 3
2 1
Blizzaga 2 4
Cure 1 1
3 3
Cura 1 2
2 2
Magnet 1 2
2 1
3 1
Mini 1 1
2 3
Bind 1 1
2 3
Stopra 1 2
2 2
Type Command Lv. Quantity
Attack Freeze Raid 1 3
2 1
Blizzard Edge 1 4
Slot Edge 1 2
2 2
Fire Strike 1 3
2 1
Binding Strike 1 2
2 2
Magic Fira 1 2
2 2
Thundara 1 4
Zero Gravira 1 4
Stopra 1 4
Type Command Lv. Quantity
Attack Freeze Raid 1 4
Blizzard Edge 1 4
Fire Strike 1 3
2 1
Binding Strike 1 3
2 1
Magic Thundara 1 3
2 1
Zero Gravira 1 4
Blackout 1 2
2 2
Stopra 1 3
2 1


At the beginning of the game, if the player aims left, they will find the first fork on the road after two steps. They should aim for the blue Check Panel. At the end of that route is the red Check Panel. The player should then cross the "bridge" after the red Check Panel and head immediately for the green Check Panel. After that, the player should head upwards and not ride the Prize Cubes just yet — their aim should be for the yellow Check Panel. After having passed through every Check Panel, they should take the quickest route back to the starting point.

At the beginning of the game, if the player aims right, the first fork on the road can be found after two steps. The player should then aim for the red Check Panel. The blue Check Panel can be found at the end of that route. The player should then cross the "bridge" after the blue Check Panel, head upwards and ride the Prize Cube to the green Check Panel. Following that, they should head upwards, ride the second Prize Cube and pass the yellow Check Panel. The player may choose to take the quickest route back to the starting point, or they may ride the Prize Cubes once more to get additional GP, depending on whether they have been used by opponents.

Taking either path will depend on the distance of the opponent from the Prize Cubes, as well as the direction in which they are heading.



  • The Toon Board is shaped like a bowl of ice cream. Fittingly, every Bonus Panel that lies on the section shaped like the ice cream itself is some form of Ice-elemental command, with Deep Freeze at the very top. Thundara/Aerora serves as the "cherry on top".

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Only available in Terra's scenario.
  2. ^ Only available in Ventus and Aqua's scenarios.