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Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it!
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Iago KHREC.png

Japanese イアーゴ
Rōmaji Iāgo
Voice actors (Ja:) Akira Kamiya [KH I]
Tōru Ōkawa [KH II]
(En:) Gilbert Gottfried
Homeworld Agrabah
Origin Aladdin (1992)
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts
Jafar's cunning, crotchety parrot. He's Jafar's eyes and ears as he flies around Agrabah, spying on his master's enemies. Iago takes after Jafar, with a penchant for intrigue and evil.

He squawked around in "Aladdin" (1992).
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A cunning and chatty parrot.

Iago flies about Agrabah, serving as the evil Jafar's eyes and ears.
Kingdom Hearts II
Aladdin (1992)

Jafar's boisterous and cunning parrot. He's Jafar's eyes and ears for everything going on in Agrabah.

Iago's mischief finally landed him inside the lamp, imprisoned with Jafar. Now that he's finally free again, he swears he's turned over a new feather. But I wonder...
Kingdom Hearts coded
Jafar's henchman, a cunning parrot who doesn't know when to shut up.

With Jafar plotting to take over Agrabah, Iago must have been busy flying around the city and making trouble.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Aladdin (1992)
A sarcastic and selfish parrot. He spies on the residents of Agrabah for Jafar.
"I promise—you won't regret givin' me another chance. Honest!"
—Iago to Jasmine

Iago is a talking parrot originating from Disney's animated film Aladdin. He originally serves as Jafar's henchman, although he tries to help Aladdin instead in Kingdom Hearts II.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Iago informs Jafar of Jasmine's disappearance.

Shortly after Jafar succeeds in taking control of Agrabah with the Heartless, princess Jasmine manages to escape the palace. Iago is sent to search for her; however, he has no luck in locating the princess. He arrives during Jafar's meeting with Maleficent, informing him about his fruitless search. After Maleficent reminds Jafar of the importance of having all seven Princesses of Heart along with the keyhole of this world, Jafar calls upon three Bandits to help Iago in the search.

When Jafar confronts Sora, Donald, Goofy and Aladdin at the palace gates, Iago discreetly manages to steal Genie's lamp from them and give it to Jafar, canceling out Aladdin's wish to save Jasmine.

Shortly after Jafar uses his last wish to become a genie himself, Iago is forced to carry his new lamp around the Lava Chamber, despite the immense heat. However, Sora manages to take it from him and suck Jafar into the lamp to defeat him. Unfortunately, as Iago attempted to flee, Jafar grabbed him while thrashing around in resistance, trapping them both in the lamp.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Iago made a small cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, holding the lamp during the Jafar boss battle, like in the first game. He was also how Jafar got his hands on the lamp in this game to control Genie.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Eventually, Iago was freed from Jafar's lamp. When he encountered Sora and the others again, he tried to convince them that he had turned over a new feather, although only Goofy seemed to believe him until Iago saved the group from a bunch of Heartless.

Iago wanted to prove to Aladdin that he was no longer a villain. He did so by taking Jafar's lamp from Pete, which proved his loyalty, until Jafar was released and he was forced to trick Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin into going to the ruins, thereby destroying any trust he had obtained. When the group returned to Agrabah to face Jafar, Iago blocked an attack aimed at Aladdin and proved himself a friend again.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Data-Iago helps Data-Jafar steal the Data-Genie's lamp, which Data-Sora must get back. He also appears in the final boss fight, holding Data-Jafar's lamp.


Iago strongly resembles a plump scarlet macaw. Most of his plumage is red, except for his tail and the tips of the first four feathers on each wing (Iago uses these feathers as "fingers"). Iago's sclera are yellow and his eyes are surrounded by a white, featherless area. He also has a large, yellow-orange beak and orange talons. Iago's talons have three toes arranged in such a way that he has two in the front and one in the back, as opposed to real macaws having four toes, two in the front and two in the back. He has a thick black "uni-brow" and three thin, black feathers sprouting out of the top of his head. Iago's eyes are also set facing forward, unlike any species of macaw (and most species of birds). Arguably the biggest difference between Iago and other birds is the fact that he has straight, white teeth in his beak like a human, and his tongue is rather human-like as well.


Iago is a pigeon-hearted parrot, who is often aggravated and vocalizes his infuriation freely. Iago is frightened quite easily, especially by the person he fears the most—Jafar. Iago is very faithful to Jafar, mainly due to the immense fear of punishment he would receive should he fail his master. Although Iago gives off a "tough guy" exterior, he has a good heart, as seen in the second return to Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts II, when Iago shields Aladdin from one of Jafar's attacks, nearly sacrificing himself.


Iago originally appeared in the 1992 film Aladdin. In the film, he is Jafar's parrot and spy, helping Jafar with his plan to marry Jasmine and become sultan of Agrabah. While in the presence of others, Iago uses speech appropriate for a normal parrot instead using fluent language. As shown throughout the film, the Sultan is fond of Iago and frequently feeds him crackers, something that Iago despises. When Aladdin goes into the Cave of Wonders to retrieve Genie's magic lamp, Iago steals it from him and gives it to Jafar. After Aladdin's arrival at the palace disguised as a prince, Jafar discovers his true identity and sends Iago to find the lamp and bring it to him, which he successfully did. When Aladdin sneaks into the palace to take Genie's lamp back, Iago spots and attempts to warn his master, but is swiftly silenced by Abu. In the climactic battle, Iago briefly fights Abu until Abu knocks him out for a few moments. Once Jafar is tricked into wishing to be a genie, he is sucked into his new lamp and Iago tries to flee from the scene, but is grabbed by Jafar and trapped inside the lamp along him. At the end, Iago is heard arguing with his master inside the lamp, having lost his patience with him.

In The Return of Jafar, Iago escapes from the lamp and he switches sides, mostly because he is tired with being pushed around by Jafar. Over the course of the film, Iago slowly warms to the idea of friendship after Aladdin saves him from the Sultan's wrath in return for Iago unintentionally saving him from Abis Mal, finally risking his life to kill Jafar by pushing his lamp into molten lava. After his heroic deed, he is welcomed into Aladdin's extended family.