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Flash Tracer

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Flash Tracer (フラッシュトレーサー Furasshu Torēsā?) is a mini-game that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. There are two versions of the mini-game, simply labelled Course A (Aコース A Kōsu?, lit. "A Course") and Course B (Bコース B Kōsu?, lit. "B Course"). Course A is first played after arriving at Hiro's Garage, and can be replayed at any time after San Fransokyo is cleared by speaking to Fred. Course B can be played by speaking to Go Go Tomago after San Fransokyo is cleared.


After Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat the Heartless on the Golden Gate Bridge, the members of Big Hero 6 rendezvous in Hiro's Garage, where they are introduced to the off-worlders. Once Sora has explained the nature of Heartless, the team comes to the conclusion that they are ill-prepared to fight them, and Fred proposes that they undergo training, or shugyo. Hiro then bestows Sora with an AR Device and explains its functions before preparing the Flash Tracer setup. Sora and Big Hero 6 then go through Course A, with Sora's abilities inspiring the members of Big Hero 6 to vary their skill sets and request Hiro to upgrade their devices.


Flash Tracer consists of an obstacle course of colored rings that Sora can pass through, as well as holographic Heartless to fight, en route to a star-shaped end goal; Course B also introduces colored targets that Sora can shoot. Defeating Heartless and passing through rings will score points. Travel throughout the City is more limited during Flash Tracer, with virtual boundaries that are not present during normal gameplay. Both courses include areas where Rail Slide must be used, with multiple rails that Sora may jump between using a Situation Command. Course B also begins with the use of Baymax's Interceptor Wing.


Course A[edit]

Points Required Rank Reward
60000 Points A Attraction Enhancer, Strength Boost, Star Medal
40000-59999 Points B Master Medal
20000-39999 Points C Wellspring Stone
0-19999 Points D Wellspring Shard

Course B[edit]

Points Required Rank Reward
75000 Points A Grand Magic Extender, Magic Boost, Star Medal
55000-74999 Points B Master Medal
35000-54999 Points C Wellspring Stone
0-34999 Points D Wellspring Shard