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Taxi Troubles

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Taxi Troubles is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora needs to pick up passengers and drive them to their destination.

Game Help[edit]

Drive the passengers to their destinations!

Move to the • marks on the map to pick up passengers, then drive to the flags that indicate their destinations.

Be careful not to crash into the other cars marked with an x!

Driving and colliding with obstacles depletes your fuel, but you will recover a little fuel each time you drop off a passenger.

Carrying too many passengers at once will slow you down.


The objective of this mini-game is to pick up all passengers and drive them to their destination. The "CONTROLLER" buttons can be used to move Sora around one square at a time. The top left of the screen shows the fuel gauge, which depletes a little for each square Sora moves. Hitting a car or driving over oil greatly decreases the fuel gauge. Dropping off a passenger increases the fuel gauge somewhat, with the mister (おじさん Ojisan?) giving the most fuel, followed by Donald, Minnie, and then Mickey.

The bottom left of the screen shows a map with a ★ marking Sora's location, a • marking a passenger's location, and a flag marking a destination. Once all passengers have been dropped off, the current stage is cleared and the next stage starts.

The score increases by 1 for every 5 squares moved, by 10 for each passenger dropped off, and by 30 for each stage cleared.


Taxi Troubles is based on the "Traffic Troubles" Mickey Mouse short from 1931. In the short, Mickey works as a taxi driver, driving an anthropomorphized taxi. His customers include Percy Pigg and Minnie. While driving, Mickey gets into a fight with another car, and has to avoid oil on the road.