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English Cards[edit]

A Darkness Awakened

ADA-94: Hundred Acre Wood [SR]
Hundred Acre Wood ADA-94.png
[limit 1]
[Dark Cards cannot be placed on this card.]
When this card is played, Players must discard their entire hand.

Type World
Level 0

Break of Dawn

BoD-157: Hundred Acre Wood [R]
Hundred Acre Wood BoD-157.png
[Dark 3]
All Hundred Acre Wood Friend Cards in your Friend Area do not need to be discarded if they participate in a challenge. However, they are discarded as normal when they participate in a battle or if required by a card.

Type World
Level 1

Japanese Cards[edit]

Eternal Darkness

ED-68: Hundred Acre Wood [C]
Hundred Acre Wood card
[Dark 3]
At the start of your Draw Phase, if there are no Dark or Nobody cards on this card, you gain HP +1.

Type World
Level 2