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Sark KHII.png

Katakana サーク Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Sāku

Type Construct
Voice actors (Ja:) Tetsuo Kanao
(En:) Corey Burton
Homeworld Space Paranoids
Origin Tron
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Tron (1982)

A powerful program who doesn't serve any user — just the MCP. Commander Sark is pretty harsh to any program that tries to resist his master's power.
"Tenacious little bugs! Your time is up! Prepare for de-resolution!"

Sark is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II. He is the Master Control Program's second-in-command. His first appearance was as one of the main antagonists in Disney's Tron.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Sark and the Master Control Program are the main antagonists of Space Paranoids. Sark has been made a Heartless commander by the MCP, empowering him even more. Not much of Sark is heard of after his first appearance, where he begins to derezz Donald and Goofy in front of Sora, and imprisons the three in the Pit Cell. Not long after their imprisonment, Sark is called up by the MCP and suggests that Tron be derezzed, but the MCP wants to keep Tron because the latter has access to the password of the D.T.D database.

After Sora, Donald and Goofy returned to Space Paranoids, they arrived in Sark's Game Grid where they are chosen to play a few light-cycling games, they manage to escape and meet up with Tron.

Sark is present during Sora and company's final battle against MCP. Strangely enough here, despite having met before, Sora cannot remember Sark's name until Tron refreshes him. The normal Sark is fought, along with his Identity Disk. Weakened, he tells Tron that they could have made a great team, but Tron flings his Identity Disk at him and knocks him unconscious and derezzes him. Not long after, the MCP revives him and grants all his functions to him, causing him to enlarge. Sora and Tron battle Sark and the MCP, and defeat both by deletion.


Sark, like Tron, appears to be a grey-skinned human male under his armor (which is also grey). His armor is similar to Tron's, with minor differences, the most notable being the fact that the circuitry patterns are red and glow orange, as opposed to Tron's blue ones that glow cyan. The circuitry on Sark is also much more complex than Tron's and sports a "V"-shaped symbol in several places. Sark's helmet is attached to his armor and covers every part of his head except his face, unlike Tron's. His Identity Disk is attached to his upper back. Face-wise, he is identical to his writer, Ed Dillinger, also played by David Warner in the film.


Sark seems arrogant and selfish, as he wants to derezz Tron, who he knows is the stronger program of the two. He does seem to care for Space Paranoids. He is incredibly loyal to the MCP and is referred to the MCP's second-in-command. In the film, Sark is referred to by the MCP as "brutal and needlessly sadistic", something Sark takes great pride in.


Sark originated from the 1982 movie Tron, portrayed by British actor David Warner. He was the Commander of the MCP's army and overseer of the Game Grid. When Tron, his user Flynn, and another program, Ram, escaped the Game Grid, Sark was ordered to round them up. After a battle between Tron and himself, Tron's Identity Disk cut through Sark's head. The MCP restored him, giving him all his functions to stop Tron. When Flynn defeated the MCP, Sark was derezzed along with him.

As David Warner was unavailable to reprise his role as Sark (and MCP) due to a previous commitment, both were voiced by Corey Burton.

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