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Pooh's Muddy Path

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Pooh's Muddy Path mini-game from Kingdom Hearts.

Pooh's Muddy Path (プーのどろんこ道 Pū no Doronko Michi?) is a mini-game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

After Sora finds the last Torn Page, the Muddy Path area is opened. When he enters, he sees Pooh walking in circles trying to find his friends. Afterwards, Sora explains to Pooh and his friends that he has to go. They try to get him to stay, but Sora tells them that if they want to see him, they should just look in their hearts.

Afterwards, the 100 Acre Wood Keyhole is locked.


The mini-game objective is to find all of Pooh's friends. If the mini-game is completed within 5 minutes, it will serve as one of the requirements for Sora to learn Cheer from Owl at Pooh's House.


Pooh's Muddy Path