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Floating Island

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Floating Island
Floating Island mission 1
Katakana フローティングアイランド
Path Disney CastlePort Royal

Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Field theme - Floating in Bliss
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Assault of the Dreadnought
Icon Mission 1.png
Rank Medals Reward
Icon Rank S.png 30 Variety Skins A
Icon Rank A.png 26 Propeller-G
Icon Rank B.png 22 Shell-G
Icon Rank C.png 18 Sphere Helm-G
Icon Rank D.png 14 Orichalcum-G
Icon Rank E.png 10 Active Formation
Icon EX.png
Fly a special model Ship!
Icon Rank S.png 30 Moon Ring-G
Icon Mission 2.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 300 Mandragora Model
Icon Rank A.png 260 Large Rotor-G
Icon Rank B.png 220 Cost Converter
Icon Rank C.png 180 Excalibur-G
Icon Rank D.png 140 Firaga-G
Icon Rank E.png 100 Graviga-G
Icon EX.png
Fly a Gummi Ship with 4 or more Lock-on Gummies!
Icon Rank S.png 300 Caterpillar-G
Icon Mission 2.png
Enemy Screen Reward

Driller (R) Back Masamune-G
Crawler Left Neon Orb-G
Bomber (R) Front Auto-Regen
Crawler Back Neon Bar-G
Phoenix (R) Back Fira-G
Bomber (R) Back Rotor-G
Phoenix (R) Back Fira-G
Crawler Front Neon Bar-G
Crawler Front Neon Orb-G
Crawler Front Neon Bar-G
Phoenix (G) Front Propeller-G
Phoenix (R) Front Mini-Propeller-G
Crawler Left Neon Orb-G
Driller (R) Front Gungnir-G
Crawler Right Neon Bar-G
Tank (G) Right Bridge-G
Icon Mission 3.png
Rank Score Reward
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Sphere Helm-G
Icon Rank A.png 900000 Square Light-G
Icon Rank B.png 800000 Mini-Propeller-G
Icon Rank C.png 700000 Saw-G
Icon Rank D.png 600000 Firaga-G
Icon Rank E.png 500000 Ultima-G
Icon EX.png
Fly without any Teeny Ships!
Icon Rank S.png 1000000 Figure-G Set

Floating Island is a Gummi Mission available in Kingdom Hearts II. Upon completion the first time through, it unlocks Port Royal for regular gameplay.


Mission 1[edit]

As similar with other medal collection missions, a Gummi Ship with plenty of weapon Gummis will have no problem with this mission. There are several opportunities to obtain a larger collection of points: defeating gold enemies, and defeating bigger Heartless enemies, such as the Dragonfly and Crawlers.

Mission 2[edit]

This mission begins with a new enemy: the Driller. Dodge the Driller's punches and attack with laser Gummis for an easy victory. Defeat the pools of Knight Heads that will follow. As with Splash Island, do not focus solely on the larger Heartless enemies. Once 300 enemies have been defeated, Sora will earn an "S" rank.