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Festival Dance

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Festival Dance (フェスティバルダンス Fesutibaru Dansu?) is a Mini-game that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is first played by entering the Town Square for the first time, and can be played after clearing Kingdom of Corona by talking to Rapunzel in the Town Square.


When playing Festival Dance for the first time, the objective is simply to fill up the gauge all the way and then to press Triangle while in Sunwheel to finish. When replaying Festival Dance by talking to Rapunzel, the objective is to get an A rank by obtaining 50000 points within 60 seconds. Obtaining 70000 points will unlock the Festive Dancer Trophy.

While playing Festival Dance, the player can obtain points by pressing the correct button to correspond with various colored rings, with a Spin (Circle) corresponding to red rings, a Step (X) corresponding to blue rings, and a Clap (Square) corresponding to pink rings. Quickly getting three Steps, Spins, or Claps in a row from one dancer will add three seconds to the timer. After scoring enough points, the player can activate Sunwheel by pressing Triangle, allowing the player to make Spins and Steps in a circle, and then use Finish to collect all the points they got from each Spin and Step.

Points can be obtained by satisfying various other conditions.

Condition Points
Successfully pairing with a townsfolk 500
Making a successful Spin, Step or Clap while paired 50
Making a third successful Spin, Step, or Clap while paired in a row 200
Successfully pairing with a townsfolk while already paired 500 + 50 per chain
Doing a trick 3000 (barrel), 3500 (flag), 4000 (cart)
Making a successful Spin or Step during Sunwheel 300*2


Points Required Rank Reward
50000 Points A Magic Boost, Unison Thunder, Master Medal
30000-49999 Points B Junior Medal, Master Medal
10000-29999 Points C Wellspring Stone
0-9999 Points D Wellspring Shard