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The magazine is a joint community project between and our sister wiki, The Keyhole. Named the Twilight Times, it has two main purposes: to inform news related to both Wikis and Kingdom Hearts; and to entertain readers with thought-provoking articles, interactive puzzles and fan-based discussions. The magazine also hosts the podcast, a secondary project that aims to deliver news reports and debates in sound form. The project follows a quarter-year time structure, with a new issue releasing after every three months.

Since this is a community project, both Wikis work collaboratively to create each issue. Join the team and head over to the Journalist Spot to add your input!


Current issue[edit]

Release Date: 24 April 2016

Magazine Issue 8 PreviewCover.png

Issue #8 (2016 Q2)

Past issues[edit]

Issue #1 (2014 Q3) Issue #2 (2014 Q4) Issue #3 (2015 Q1)
Magazine Issue 1 PreviewCover.png Preview for the Magazine - Issue #2 Cover icon image
01 July 2014 04 October 2014 04 January 2015
Issue #4 (2015 Q2) Issue #5 (2015 Q3) Issue #6 (2015 Q4)
Preview Icon for Issue 4 Magazine Issue 5 PreviewCover.png mag image
02 April 2015 21 July 2015 04 October 2015
Issue #7 (2016 Q1)
Magazine Issue 7 PreviewCover.png
08 January 2016