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The magazine is a joint community project between and our sister wiki, The Keyhole. Named the Twilight Times, it has two main purposes: to inform news related to both Wikis and Kingdom Hearts; and to entertain readers with thought-provoking articles, interactive puzzles and fan-based discussions. The magazine also hosts the podcast, a secondary project that aims to deliver news reports and debates in sound form. The project follows a quarter-year time structure, with a new issue releasing after every three months.

Since this is a community project, both Wikis work collaboratively to create each issue. Join the team and head over to the Journalist Spot to add your input!


Current Issue[edit]

Release Date: 24 April 2016

Magazine Issue 8 PreviewCover.png

Issue #8 (2016 Q2)

Past Issues[edit]

Issue #1 (2014 Q3) Issue #2 (2014 Q4) Issue #3 (2015 Q1)
Seeing as this is an official wiki image, I figure it should be allowed on the database.  Hosting it locally will allow image linking, thus making it easier to reach the issue in question.  Adding the hyperlink as it stands would wreck the formatting with the outgoing-link icon. Preview for the Magazine - Issue #2 Cover icon image
01 July 2014 04 October 2014 04 January 2015
Issue #4 (2015 Q2) Issue #5 (2015 Q3) Issue #6 (2015 Q4)
Preview Icon for Issue 4 Magazine Issue 5 PreviewCover.png mag image
02 April 2015 21 July 2015 04 October 2015
Issue #7 (2016 Q1)
Magazine Issue 7 PreviewCover.png
08 January 2016