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Official render for Pascal

Japanese パスカル
Rōmaji Pasukaru
Homeworld Kingdom of Corona
Origin Tangled
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III
Tangled (2010)

A chameleon who has been a good friend to Rapunzel. Pascal was the only one she really felt she could talk to while she was growing up inside the tower.

Pascal is a character from the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts III. He originated in the Disney film Tangled. He is the pet chameleon of Rapunzel.


Before Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Pascal has known Rapunzel for quite a long time. Pascal was the only one she really felt she could talk to while she was growing up inside the tower, in contrast to Mother Gothel.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Pascal intimidates Flynn.

Pascal climbs on Rapunzel's shoulder as she interrogates Flynn Rider. Pascal's stare serves to intimidate Flynn and becomes extremely protective and suspicious of the thief.

At Corona, Pascal joins Rapunzel and Flynn on their boat when they watch the lanterns rise.

When Mother Gothel takes Rapunzel back to their tower, Pascal goes with her. After Gothel stabs Flynn and Rapunzel offers to sacrifice her freedom, Pascal is saddened, but after Flynn cuts Rapunzel's hair, Mother Gothel begins to die. Pascal bites a large strand near the window, causing Gothel to accidentally trip backward to her horror and falls out the window.

Following Gothel's death, Pascal jumps on to Eugene's shoulder and playfully sticks his tongue in his ear before brushing him off.

Sometime after Xehanort's defeat, Rapunzel and Eugene embrace in the town of Corona. Pascal watches them on top after Maximus's back, then climbs on top of Maximus's head.


Pascal is a green chameleon with light brown eyes.


Pascal is Rapunzel's dear friend who is very protective of her safety. Pascal can not speak, so he communicates through squeaks and body language.


Pascal first appeared in the Disney 2010 animated film Tangled. Introduced as Rapunzel's pet and best friend, he provides emotional support for Rapunzel, but also shows his discontent with her remaining secluded in the tower. When Rapunzel and Pascal are intruded by Flynn Rider, he becomes extremely protective and suspicious of him but eases up when he becomes their opportunity to leave the tower. During their adventure outside, Pascal constantly watches Eugene, but eventually warms up to the thief upon seeing the latter's initially selfish ways dissolve through his love for Rapunzel.