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Villains' Vendetta

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Villains' Vendetta

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Katakana 覇者の復讐

Romaji Hasha no Fukushū
Japanese Champion's Revenge
Arena Level 30[KH BbS]
25[KH BbS FM]
Rounds 8
Medals 500
Bonus Challenge Practices Makes Perfect
Perform a combined total of at least 25 Style Changes and Shotlocks.
Medal Bonus Medals x1.75

Rewards Terra: Ultima Weapon
Ventus: Ultima Weapon
Aqua: Ultima Weapon
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Villains' Vendetta is the thirteenth battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Villains' Vendetta is a high-level boss rush, featuring many Mirage Arena-based Unversed bosses faced in previous rounds. Do not take this boss rush lightly, as the bosses here are far more aggressive than they have been in previous missions. Have some homing attacks ready (Firaga and/or Triple Firaga can be useful for this purpose), and a Shotlock with a high lock-on count. Do not forget any healing commands. High-level Curagas are recommended. As this mission only features bosses, do not bother with Mega Flare or other attacks that easily destroy large groups.

It is recommended to bring two Sonic Blade commands, and make sure you have the maximum number of Attack Hastes (5). You should be able to stunlock all four Iron Imprisoners using these two Commands repeatedly, leaving you six command slots for the others. For most players, one of these will be a Cure/Cura/Curaga. Renewal Block / Renewal Barrier is also a valuable asset. Players using Aqua would be advised to bring two Seeker Mines as they deal high damage for their reload time and can harm your opponents even while you are dodging (which, given the infinite i-frame coverage granted by Aqua's Cartwheel once it reaches level 4, there is no reason not to be doing any time you are not attacking).

If you are Level 1, it would be ideal to bring an Ignite or two, since Wheel Master and Ice Colossus do not have the Exp Zero damage floor implemented like the other bosses, meaning they will take an inordinate amount of time to defeat by any other means.