Little Green Men

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Little Green Men

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Katakana リトルグリーンメン Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Ritoru Gurīn Men
Voice actors (Ja:) Kōji Ochai (Alien A)
Yōhei Tadano (Alien B)
Toshiharu Sakurai (Alien C)
(En:) Jeffrey Pidgeon
Homeworld Toy Box
Origin Toy Story
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Little Green Men

Kingdom Hearts III
Toy Story (1995)

An identical trio that were prizes from the Pizza Planet crane game. They tend to stick together.
"Fear not. We still have our new home. The Chamber of Andy!"
—The Little Green Men to Sora

The Little Green Men are three alien squeeze toys from Toy Box who appears in Kingdom Hearts III. They originated in the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


They have lime green skin, three eyes, and three fingers on each hand. They have wide heads, elf-like ears and an antenna-like appendage on their head. They wear blue spacesuits.



"You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful."
—The Little Green Men to Mr. Potato Head after he saved them in Toy Story 2.

The Little Green Men first appeared in 1995, in Pixar's first feature film Toy Story as prizes from a claw game, one of whom was won by Sid Phillips and given to his dog Spud as a chew toy.

The three who appear in the game debuted in Toy Story 2, where they were first hanging from a mirror in a Pizza Planet trucked hijacked by Buzz Lightyear to chase after Al, who was taking Woody to Japan. After Mr. Potato Head saved them from falling out of a window, they joined the rest of Andy's toys, and were adopted by Mrs. Potato Head.