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Giantland Classic Kingdom game

Giantland is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora needs to escape the giant's room.

Game Help[edit]

Avoid the giant's attacks and escape the room!

Step 1: Use the spoon to spring onto the table. Move over to the curtain and press X to open it.

Step 2: Move over to the pepper shaker and press X to make the giant sneeze. Then jump to the candle holder.

Step 3: Press X to jump from candle to candle. Reach the window where Mickey is waiting and you're home free!


The game has three buttons. The "Move Left" and "Move Right" buttons move Sora, and the "ACTION" button can be used to perform various actions. Sora will start in the lower-right corner. He has to move to the left, avoiding the giant's feet. Standing on the spoon when the giant lowers his right foot will cause Sora to land on the table. Next, Sora needs to move to the right side of the table, avoiding the giant's fists, and press "ACTION" near the cord to open the curtain. Next, Sora needs to move back to the pepper shaker on the left side of the table, and press "ACTION" to hit the giant with pepper. This will cause him to sneeze, blowing Sora in the air. If times correctly, Sora will land on the candle holder. By pressing "ACTION" at the correct time, Sora can jump to the other candle holder, and to the window. Pressing "ACTION" at the wrong time will cause Sora to fall back onto the table. Once Sora reaches the window, he gains one point, and the level starts over. If Sora comes in contact with the giant's hands or feet, he will lose a life.

Limited Challenges[edit]

Reward Score Available
600 Jewels Total Score: 25[1] 09/07/18 - 06/09/21
1/5 Kingdom Hearts III Starlight Code[2] Total Score: 25[1] 09/07/18 - 06/09/21


Giantland is based on the Mickey Mouse short of the same name from 1933. In the short, Mickey tells his children the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, with himself as the main character. He gets trapped in the room with the giant. He tries to hide in the sugarpot, but is scooped out on the spoon. Eventually, he manages to escape by using pepper to make the giant sneeze, which blows away the entire wall.

Notes and references[edit]

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  2. ^ In order to claim the code, the required score needs to be obtained in all 5 games.