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The Mad Doctor

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The Mad Doctor is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora needs to dodge obstacles and rescue Mickey.

Game Help[edit]

Rescue Mickey from the Mad Doctor's clutches!

Avoid the ghouls and gadgets and guide Sora to Mickey's position on the top floor.

Step 1: Move over to the rope and press X to lower the ladder.

Step 2: Press Up to climb the stairs or hang from the spiderwebs. Use Left/Right to move along the spiderwebs and avoid obstacles.

Step 3: Press X to grab the toch, slay the spdier, and then climb the threads to reach Mickey!


The objective of this mini-game is to reach the top of the stage and save Mickey. The "CONTROLLER" buttons can be used to move Sora around. Pressing up or down allow Sora to climb the ladder or grab onto the spiderwebs. The "ACTION" button allows Sora to interact with the rope and torch.

Sora starts the game with three lives, and loses one every time he collides with an obstacle.

On the ground floor, Sora needs to move left, dodgind the bat flying overhead and sawblades moving along the ground. At the left end, he can interact with the rope to lower a ladder on the floor above him. Then, Sora needs to head back right and climb the stairs to the second level.

On the second level, Sora needs to head left, towards the ladder, while avoiding the skeleton and sawblades. Climbing the ladder, Sora needs to head right and grab the torch, then use it on the spider to kill it. The spider can move between the second and third level, and shoot silk.

Once the spider is gone, two skeletons appear at the top of the thread and start throwing skulls. Sora has to climb the thread, avoiding the skulls, until he reaches the top floor and strikes down the mad doctor.

When Mickey is saved, 100 points are added to the score, and the level restarts.


The Mad Doctor is based on the Mickey Mouse short of the same name from 1933. In the short, an evil doctor has kidnapped Pluto for an experiment, and Mickeys tries to rescue him. While exploring the doctor's mansion, he comes across skeletons and a skeletal spider. Eventually, he ends up in a chair with a sawblade lowering on him before waking up from the nightmare.