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Cy-Bug Sector

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Cy-Bug Sector is a world within Game Central Station introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is based on the game Hero's Duty featured in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.

Settings and Areas[edit]

The world consists of the Base area that encompasses the game's station, the Battlefield and the Tower, where the medal is located.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

After following Wreck-It Ralph into the game, Player sees Sergeant Calhoun giving her troops a pep talk before the game begins. As the game starts the Player rushes onto the Battlefield after Ralph and is noticed by Calhoun, who mistakes them for a civilian. After Ralph causes a game over, Calhoun activates the beacon to destroy the Cy-Bugs and reset the game for the next round. The Player tries to explain to Ralph that he needs to leave but Ralph insists on climbing the Tower to get the medal. As Calhoun prepares of another round she hears a sound and thinks it's a Cy-Bug and nearly ends up shooting Felix. Felix explains he's come to find his friend Ralph but immediately becomes smitten with Calhoun. The Player follows Ralph to the top of the Tower and witnesses him claim the medal before disturbing a Cy-Bug egg and getting ejected from the came with it. Before the Player can give chase, Ephemer appears and helps them fight off the emerging Cy-Bugs, before explaining that the Darkling lead him here. They also witness the Darkling being consumed by a Cy-Bug and transform into a Cy-Bug/Darkling hybrid. Ephemer and the Player battle back to the Base where they meet up with Calhoun and Felix. Calhoun explains they must find the escaped Cy-Bug and destroy it or it will destroy the entire arcade. Ephemer informs the Player that he'll return to Daybreak Town to inform the other Union Leaders about the Darklings, and asks that the Player remain and help out Felix and Calhoun. The Player follows Felix and Calhoun back to Game Central Station.


Character design[edit]