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Armor Mode

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Armor Mode (アーマーモード Āmā Mōdo?) is a defensive technique used by certain enemies in Kingdom Hearts III. While in Armor Mode, the enemy's HP will be replaced by a blue Armor gauge and they will gain additional defensive capabilities.


When an enemy enters Armor Mode, they gain an Armor gauge displaying their Armor HP. While they remain in Armor Mode, their Armor HP decreases in place of their ordinary HP. Once their Armor HP reaches zero, the enemy will return to their original state. With the exception of the Satyr and Chief Puff, all enemies will revert to their original state after a long enough time has passed, even if they still have Armor HP remaining.

Each attack reduces the Armor HP by a fixed value determined by the technique (typically 1, 2, or 3), regardless of the attack's power multiplier. Effective ways to reduce Armor HP include using combos with many small hits like those in the Double Arrowguns Formchange, using magic combos in Artillery Style, and activating Attractions and Link Summons. The Chief Puff's Armor HP can immediately be reduced to 0 with an Aero spell, while Marshmallow's Armor Mode can be cancelled by using Tree Whip.

In addition to gaining access to new attacks, enemies get several passive benefits from Armor Mode. Enemies in Armor Mode are incapable of flinching or being knocked back by attacks. In addition, their Reaction Endurance and Reality Endurance cannot be reduced.

Only nine enemies can enter Armor Mode. The amount of Armor HP varies per enemy type:

Enemy Armor HP
Satyrs (in formation) 50
Rock Troll 100
Metal Troll 100
Chief Puff 24
Chief Puff (Tower) 36
Marshmallow 50
Catastrochorus 100
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