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Flantastic Seven

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Flantastic Seven

Flantastic Seven from the Ultimania

Cherry Flan from the Ultimania

Strawberry Flan from the Ultimania

Orange Flan from the Ultimania

Banana Flan from the Ultimania

Grape Flan from the Ultimania

Honeydew Flan from the Ultimania

Japanese セブンプリンズ
Rōmaji Sebun Purinzu
Translation Seven Flans

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III
Flantastic Seven

Kingdom Hearts III
Cherry Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief, with
two cherries on top.

It was last seen touring Thebes and generally getting in the way of the efforts to rebuild.

Strawberry Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief—now in strawberry!

It was last seen failing to play well with others. Take its toys away and put in time-out for good!

Orange Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief, served with a refreshing citrus twist.

It was last seen enjoying a lovely picnic in the woods. Take some pictures to help it mark the occasion!

Banana Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief, and completely bananas besides.

It was last seen door-hopping through a certain world. Give it the perfect souvenir: a Keyblade right to the jiggle!

Grape Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief, and the grapes adorning it are probably sour.

It was last seen playing in the snow...but it's cold out, so just hurry up and defeat it.

Honeydew Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief. The melon on its crown? Also evil.

It was last seen atop a skyscraper enjoying the nighttime view. You never really appreciate how springy these things are until you stomp on one...

Watermelon Flan
This regal flan is pure mischief, even if the watermelon on its crown does look delicious.

What nefarious scheme is it hatching in that fortress? Does it really matter? You've got some cannons. Fire away!

The Flantastic Seven is a group of Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.

Summoning these Heartless with the "Boinnng!" Command lets Sora take on their mini-games for a chance to earn Ingredients and an ability. Reaching the required score in all seven mini-games will unlock an Orichalcum+ and the Flanniversary Badge.


The Flantastic Seven are gargantuan, rotund Heartless with bodies made from cream colored flan and brown chocolate glaze in the shape of hair. The Heartless emblem is emblazoned on their stomachs. The gold spiky crowns on their heads are topped with their signature fruit (for example, a banana bunch), and they have white frosting at their bases. They have no legs, instead cutting off in a slight lump at their bottom, but they have two thin arms that don't end in hands.

The Flantastic Seven are based on the recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series, as well as a popular food dish. Their Japanese name is also a pun on "Seven Princesses" (セブンプリンセス Sebun Purinsesu?), the alternative name of the Princesses of Heart.

List of members[edit]

Cherry Flan[edit]

"Use the arrows to gain speed and run into as many flans as possible!"

The Cherry Flan (チェリープリン Cherī Purin?) appears at the Overlook. Sora must use Trinity Sled to run over as many flans as possible in the time limit.

Required Score Prize
>10,000 x1 Sour Cherry
>20,000 x3 Sour Cherry
Formchange Extender

Strawberry Flan[edit]

"Avoid the rolling berries and bump into the flans to stack them up!"

The Strawberry Flan (ストロベリープリン Sutoroberī Purin?) appears at the Rest Area. Sora must use a cup from the Mad Tea Cups Attraction to stack as many flans as possible by bumping into them, within the time limit. Hitting a flan on a strawberry or other object will knock flans off his stack. Once the stack reaches the ceiling, Sora has to move to the center area, where the ceiling is higher, to continue stacking flans.

Required Score Prize
>8,500 x1 Strawberry
>17,000 x3 Strawberry
Attraction Extender

Orange Flan[edit]

"Watch each flan carefully and try to photograph the picture-perfect moment!"

The Orange Flan (オレンジプリン Orenji Purin?) appears at the Hills. Sora must take pictures of the flans at the correct time to earn points. There is no time limit, but Sora can only take seven pictures.

Required Score Prize
>10,000 x1 Blood Orange
>23,000 x3 Blood Orange
Treasure Magnet

Banana Flan[edit]

"Dodge the giant flan's attacks and take out the smaller flans!"

The Banana Flan (バナナプリン Banana Purin?) appears at the Upper Level. Sora must defeat as many flans as possible while avoiding the big flan's attacks.

Required Score Prize
>10,000 x1 Banana
>20,000 x3 Banana
Grand Magic Extender

Grape Flan[edit]

"Defeat the flans as fast as possible! Block their magic to return it to sender!"

The Grape Flan (グレーププリン Gurēpu Purin?) appears at the Mountain Ridge. Sora must defeat as many flans as possible. The flans will cast magic, which can be reflected back at them by blocking.

Required Score Prize
>10,000 x1 Grape
>20,000 x3 Grape
Unison Blizzard

Honeydew Flan[edit]

"Bounce on the flans to stay aloft as long as possible! Don't fall into the mouths of the ones trying to eat you!"

The Honeydew Flan (メロンプリン Meron Purin?, lit. "Melon Flan") appears at the South District. Sora must bounce on flans to obtain points. After bouncing on a flan, it will open its mouth in an attempt to eat Sora. After a little while, some flans will return to normal and start sparkling; jumping on a sparkling flan will launch Sora to a different area. Landing on the floor, or on a flan with an open mouth, will end the mini-game.

Required Score Prize
>7,500 x1 Melon
>15,000 x3 Melon
Attraction Extender

Watermelon Flan[edit]

"Use the cannons to protect the fort from flanvasion! Ring the bell to fire all the cannons at once!"

The Watermelon Flan (ウォーターメロンプリン Wōtāmeron Purin?) appears at the Fort. Sora must use the cannons to shoot the flans. Sora can also ring the bell to fire all cannons at once. Occasionally, a larger flan appears and move from side to side; shooting it will make all other flans vanish. The mini-game ends when the timer runs out or when a flan reaches the fort.

Required Score Prize
>14,000 x1 Watermelon
>28,000 x3 Watermelon
Focus Syphon