The Mirage Arena

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This article is about the wiki Arena.
You may be looking for the world.

Hello, and welcome to the Mirage Arena, kupo! I'm the owner of Moogle's Medal Shop, Moogle, and I shall be your host for these glorious battles, kupo! Once a week, fights will be hosted here, the contenders varying from Sora himself, to a Shadow Heartless. Without further ado, let us begin! Start voting! And don't forget to nominate! Kupo!


  1. You must have at least 100 edits before voting. Check your editcount here, by typing in your username.
  2. You must be a registered user to vote.
  3. You may vote only once.
  4. You must vote to use the Keyblade Graveyard.
  5. If you are not logged in when you vote, your vote will be removed.
  6. To vote, type the following "#", afterward including any reasons for voting you may wish to include. Please don't make long comments along with your vote. Any votes that are particularly long-winded will first be asked to be modified or moved to the Keyblade Graveyard, and will be removed if not followed. Long votes are defined anything over two sentences of reasonable length, give or take a little (Not including sig).
  7. Additional comments go in the Keyblade Graveyard. Conduct yourself with courtesy. Keep in mind that the fights are between the contestants, and not the users. Do note that while there are limits on how much you can say in your vote, Walls-o-Text are fine here.
  8. Do not alter the format of this page.
  9. Any issues should be taken to my friends, the Mirage Arena Staff.

Tournament Bracket only[edit]

  1. If a battle ends in a tie, Sudden Death will occur. The Sudden Death will last one hour and the contender with the majority of votes is the winner. Keep in mind that Sudden Death matches happen at random times!
  2. If sudden death ends in another tie, 30 minutes are added onto the clock. This will repeat until a winner is chosen.

Any failure to adhere to these rules will result in your vote(s) being removed or loss of voting privileges.

Vote/Nomination Policy:[edit]

Please follow these guidelines when removing votes and taking away vote privileges. Leave a message on the Mirage Arena about the applied Warning

  1. The vote/nomination is removed.
  2. The vote/nomination is removed and 1st warning message is sent to the talk page.
  3. The vote/nomination is removed, 2nd warning message is sent and loss of voting/nomination privilege to the next fight.
  4. 3rd warning message is sent and loss of vote/nomination privileges for one month.
  5. Loss of voting/nomination privileges permanently with a message announcing it.

Matches start and end at 18:00 UTC on every Friday!

Nominations for the Double Bracket will begin Enable JavaScript to view this countdown..