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Japanese マシュマロウ
Rōmaji Mashumarou
Voice actors (Ja:) Takahiro Fujiwara
(En:) Paul Briggs (animator)
Homeworld Arendelle
Origin Frozen
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III
Frozen (2013)

A fearsome sentinel that protects Elsa. He was created by her magic.

Marshmallow is a character from Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts III. He originated in the Disney film Frozen.

He is a snow monster created by Elsa to serve as her bodyguard.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Marshmallow is created by Elsa's strong desire to be alone, taking the form of a brutish snowman. He then promptly evicts Anna, Kristoff and Olaf from Elsa's ice palace, but turns aggressive when Anna throws a snowball at him. However, before he can give chase to the trio, Sora, Donald, and Goofy block the giant and lead him to another area, where they use the area's trees to wallop him. Although they are able to hold their own, Marshmallow manages to corner them on a rocky outcropping, which he breaks off causing them to fall down the mountain.

Later, Marshmallow pursues Hans down the mountain, trying to rescue the kidnapped Elsa, and runs into Sora and his friends. When Sora explains that they are trying to help Elsa as well, Marshmallow helps them down the mountain, shielding them from the growing storm.

Once Hans fails to kill Elsa, the darkness in his heart births Sköll, which transfers the quartet to a dark area. During the battle, Marshmallow helps repel the Heartless's most powerful attack alongside Sora.

Sometime after Master Xehanort's defeat, Marshmallow catches Olaf, whose parts ended up separated before fixing himself.


Marshmallow is a large golem made of snow and ice, with the majority of his body being composed of snow. Icy protrusions function as Marshmallow's fingers. His eyes and mouth consist of gaps in the snow that makes up his head.


He is shown to be a loyal and prudent bodyguard who keeps every intruder outside of Elsa's castle. However, he is shown to be relentless at the slightest sign of provocation. When Elsa is taken away, Marshmallow is shown to be helpless and desperate whenever Elsa is not around.

Sometime after Master Xehanort's defeat, he is shown picking up Olaf's parts while smiling, showing a playful side.


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As an enemy, Marshmallow primarily attacks using his claws or leaping closer to the party and creating a shockwave upon impact. He also has an attack where he faces forward and breathes ice, inflicting Freeze on nearby targets. He can also cover himself in spikes, granting him armor and powering up his attacks.

As a party member, Marshmallow shares many of the same characteristics and attacks that he has in his boss fight. He is exclusively focused on offense and tanking hits, having no item slots but an exceptionally high base HP stat. His attacks are best suited to dealing with multiple enemies, with good range on his basic attacks and a wide shockwave for his Leaping Smash abilities. He can also prove useful in disabling enemies by freezing them with Cold Breath. Marshmallow uses his Ice Claws as his weapon.

Marshmallow's Team Attack is Mighty Avalanche, where Marshmallow teams up with Sora and enters a state similar to the armored state used in his boss fight. In the Team Attack he can perform a series of swift claw attacks and summon a field of ice crystals before shattering them to damage enemies.

Marshmallow's base stats are 30 AP, 300 HP, and 100 MP. He has 3 armor slots, 2 accessory slots, and 0 item slots.

Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Continuous Mow Down (連続なぎ払い
Renzoku Nagiharai
Attack Command Physical 1.5+1.5 0 1+1 0 X
Swings left and right claws in sequence and scratches with them while walking.
Both Hands Strike (両手たたき
Ryōte Tataki
Attack Command Physical 1.5 0 1 0 X
Attacks with both hands clasped together, launching struck enemies.
Leaping Smash (feet) Attack Command Physical 2.0 0 1 0 X

(shockwave) Attack Command Physical 2.0 0 1 0 X
Jump high and trample the ground with both feet, generating a shock wave around you. MP Cost: 10
Cold Breath Magic Command Blizzard 1.0 0 0 0 X Freeze (100%/8 seconds)
Faces the target's general direction and breathes ice a good distance, freezing struck enemies. MP Cost: 15
Support Abilities
Ability AP Description
Second Chance 4 Always retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more.
Blizzard Boost 4 Deal 20% more damage with blizzard attacks. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Damage Control 4 Halve the damage you take when your HP is at 25% or below. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
More Team Attacks 5 Generate team attack commands more often.
Team Attack Extender 3 Extend the availability period of team attack commands.
Team Effort 50 Always start battles with a team attack command. (Unequipped by default)
Hyper Healing 3 Spring back from defeat in battle more quickly and with more HP. Stack the ability to increase the effect.


Marshmallow first appeared in the 2013 Disney film Frozen, voiced by Paul Briggs. In the film, Elsa first creates him to shut out Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf when they come to convince her to return to Arendelle. He pursues the trio off of the North Mountain, and later attempts to protect Elsa's castle when Anna's fiancé Hans arrives with an army to capture Elsa, only to seemingly fall to his death when Hans cuts off one of Marshmallow's legs. At some point, Marshmallow returns to Elsa's castle and reclaims her tiara.