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Cast Out to Sea

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Cast Out to Sea is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora has to catch the falling bananas.

Game Help[edit]

Gather up the falling bananas!

You'll lose time if you bump into the spiders or the bananas hit the ground.

Grabbing the banana bunches will put time back on the clock, but the penalty for dropping them is higher, too.


The objective of this mini-game is to catch as much bananas as you can within the time limit. Sora can move left and right with the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" buttons.

The screen shows five banana bunches, and five spiderwebs. Bananas fall randomly from the bunches, and Sora can collect them by touching them. The top of the screen shows a quota of banans to catch. When the quota is reached, Mickey appears and shakes the tree, causing a lot of banana bunches to fall down.

The game begins with a time limit of 60 seconds. The time limit can be increased by catching banana bunches, with the time increasing by the amount of bananas -1. If a banana touches the ground, the time decreases by the amount of bananas. Occassionally, spiders will descend along the spiderwebs. If Sora touches a spider, the time will decrease by 20 seconds.

The score increases by 10 for each time a banana is caught, regardless of the amount of bananas in the bunch.


Cast Out to Sea is based on the "The Castaway" Mickey Mouse short from 1931. In the short, Mickey strands on an island. He shakes a tree to make bananas fall down, but is scared off by a spider.