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Risky Riches

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Risky Riches

MA Risky Riches.png
Katakana 財宝のありか

Romaji Zaihou no Arika
Japanese Whereabouts of Riches
Arena Level 8
Rounds 3
Medals 70
Bonus Challenge Rags to Riches
Obtain at least 1400 munny.
Medal Bonus Medals x1.25
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Round Enemies

1 Spiderchest x 8
Flood x 3
Scrapper x 3
2 Spiderchest x 12
Archraven x 3
Chrono Twister x 1
Bruiser x 3
3 Spiderchest x 18
Bruiser x 4
Hareraiser x 4
Prize Pod x 4

Risky Riches is the seventh battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Risky Riches has three rounds, each starting with a wave of Spiderchests followed by various other Unversed. Towards the end of the final round, a wave of Prize Pod Unversed appears.

It is possible to take on this mission at any level, but the quickest way to deal with the Prize Pod (and other Unversed) is by using a projectile Shotlock with an especially high lock-on count -- Meteor Shower is good for this. Otherwise, the Unversed are not too difficult to defeat.