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System Sector/Datascape World Logo from MoM
System Sector Logo from MoM
Japanese データの世界

Romaji Dēta no Sekai
Translation World of Data
Games Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory


KHREC tracks
Field theme - Wonder of Electron
Field theme - Wonder of Electron -Bug Ver.-
Battle theme - No More Bugs!!
Battle theme - No More Bugs!! -Bug Ver.-
Other worlds
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts
Dive to the Heart | The Final World | Destiny Islands
Timeless River/Disney Town/Disney Castle
Traverse Town | Wonderland | Olympus Coliseum/Olympus
Deep Jungle | Agrabah | Halloween Town
Monstro/Prankster's Paradise | Atlantica | Neverland
Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion | 100 Acre Wood
End of the World | Realm of Darkness
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion | Twilight Town
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts II
Mysterious Tower/Symphony of Sorcery | The Land of Dragons | Beast's Castle
Port Royal/The Caribbean | Pride Lands | Space Paranoids/The Grid
The World That Never Was | End of Sea/Dark World | Keyblade Graveyard
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts coded
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Dwarf Woodlands | Enchanted Dominion | Castle of Dreams
Deep Space | Mirage Arena
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]
La Cité des Cloches | Country of the Musketeers
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
Daybreak Town/Scala ad Caelum
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts III
Secret Forest | Toy Box | Kingdom of Corona | Monstropolis | Arendelle | San Fransokyo | Quadratum
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
Game Central Station | Niceland | Cy-Bug Sector | Candy Kingdom

The Datascape is a Data World created when King Mickey digitized the contents of Jiminy's Journal in order to solve the mysterious messages that appeared in it. The worlds within are, for the most part, the same as their real counterparts, which Sora visited during the course of Kingdom Hearts. They appear in Kingdom Hearts coded, and its remake, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

The computer in Disney Castle.

The datascape is created when King Mickey digitizes Jiminy's Journal in order to find out the secret behind the mysterious message. As the simulation is constructed, Bug Blox begin appearing within it. King Mickey decides to create Data-Sora to explore the journal and eliminate the bugs, and focuses on monitoring the situation from a console in the castle Library.

Early on in the simulation, Data-Riku secretly pulls Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy into the datascape in order to help solve the mystery—but unintentionally brings Pete as well, as he had been spying on them. They remain unaware they have been brought in until shortly after the investigation of Wonderland's data is completed, when the Library is locked down, Heartless begin appearing, and Data-Sora stumbles upon them. While Chip and Dale work to get in touch with their friends inside the simulation, Pete notifies Maleficent and the pair hatches a plan to conquer the datascape, and start by seizing the path back to the real world—an obstacle that Mickey and his friends soon find out, to their consternation.

After Data-Sora completes the investigation of Olympus Coliseum, the team discovers that the culprit was Pete, who Data-Sora follows to Agrabah. After tracking him down, the team learns of Pete and Maleficent's plans for the datascape.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Maleficent sends Diablo to King Mickey to show that she is holding Queen Minnie hostage, and once he arrives at Disney Castle, Maleficent reveals that Master Xehanort told her about the seven pure hearts of light, and demands that the King hand over the datascape, still set on using it to further her plans.

Later, Young Xehanort reminds Sora of the times he's been in Traverse Town. He refers to the Traverse Town "in the datascape", although it is uncertain what Sora knows about his data counterpart and his journey.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

While attempting to access the Virtual Twilight Town, Sora gets a call on the Gummiphone from Ienzo. After hearing about its existence, Ienzo thinks over the information aloud. Jiminy immediately realizes that the Virtual Twilight Town is a datascape itself, prompting Goofy and Donald to remember their previous adventure inside Jiminy's Journal.


Datascape Worlds[edit]