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Million Dreams Award

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The Million Dreams Award (ミリオンドリームアワード Mirion Dorīmu Awādo?, lit. "Million Dream Award") is an award in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, obtained in Disney Town at the end of the Dream festival. The award is presented as a special kind of ice cream, and can only be obtained by the third character to complete Disney Town after the other two characters' stories are completed. For example, if one completes both Terra and Ventus' stories and then completes Disney Town with Aqua, Aqua will obtain the award. To get the other characters' cutscenes, the player must start new save files with the other two characters and complete Disney Town after the third character's story is completed.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

The Million Dreams Award is obtained if one wins the Dream Festival in Disney Town by getting the most popularity votes. In each storyline, Terra, Aqua, or Ventus can receive the Million Dreams Award separately. Pete also seeks to win the Million Dreams Award, disguising himself as both the false hero Captain Justice and the racing king Captain Dark in attempt to gain more popularity votes. When either of the three Keyblade wielders obtains the Million Dreams Award, Pete rushes on stage as Captain Justice; when that doesn't work, he then changes his outfit to that of Captain Dark. Pete is then banished by Queen Minnie, and cast into the Ocean Between. Here, Pete meets and allies himself with Maleficent to be set free.

Aqua the first to attend the Dream Festival. She defeats several Unversed in the Fruitball arena after Pete fails to help Horace Horsecollar as he had promised. Aqua gains Horace Horsecollar's vote as a hero after Pete's true intentions are revealed. At the end of the festival, Aqua obtains the Royalberry Ice Cream.

Ventus is the next one to attend the Dream Festival. He aids Huey, Dewey, and Louie in fixing an ice cream machine left behind by their Uncle Scrooge McDuck after Pete had failed several times. For completing this task, Ventus obtains the Double Crunch Ice Cream.

Terra is the last to visit Disney Town and obtain the Million Dreams Award. To do so, Terra defeats several Unversed as well as Captain Dark, while participating in the Rumble Racing event. For following the rules after first being cautioned by Chip, Dale, and Queen Minnie for having once broken them, both Chip and Dale grant Terra their votes. At the end of the festival in Terra's case, he obtains the Rockin' Crunch Ice Cream.