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Day of Reckoning

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Day of Reckoning

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Katakana 審判の時

Romaji Shinban no Toki
Japanese Time of Reckoning
Arena Level 1
Rounds 4
Medals 50
Bonus Challenge Tough as Nails
Heal 5 times or less.
Medal Bonus Medals x1.5
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Round Enemies

1 Bruiser x 5
Flood x 7
Red Hot Chili x 6
Scrapper x 6
2 Red Hot Chili x 8
Bruiser x 6
Thornbite x 3
Scrapper x 6
3 Hareraiser x 6
Bruiser x 10
Monotrucker x 3
Archraven x 4
4 Iron Imprisoner I

Day of Reckoning is the first battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.