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The Musical Farmer

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The Musical Farmer is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora needs to safely pack eggs and give them to Mickey and Minnie.

Game Help[edit]

Pick up the eggs and hand them off!
Press R1 to select a difficulty, then press Touch Pad to begin.

Move up to the pipe fittings and press X to rotate the fittings. You want to guide the eggs safely into the crates.

To hand off the crates, move next to Mickey or Minnie and press X.

Stand between two crate positions and press X to swap crates (or move a crate to the other, empty position).


Before starting the game, players can choose between two difficulties: GAME A and GAME B. The game has five buttons. The "CONTROLLER" buttons move Sora, and the "ACTION" button allows Sora to turn pipes, or move crates.

Eggs slowly fall through the pipes, and need to be placed in the baskets at the bottom. In GAME A, three baskets are available, but in GAME B, only two baskets are available. Baskets can be swapped by pressing the "ACTION" button when Sora stands between two baskets, or between a basket and an empty space. Players can use the "ACTION" button near the pipes to turn the black-outlined piece. The baskets can be handed to Mickey or Minnie by pressing the "ACTION" button when Sora stands between a basket and either Mickey or Minnie. Handing the baskets removes the eggs and increases the score based on the number of eggs in the basket. After a certain number of eggs have been given to Mickey or Minnie, the stage is completed and the next stage starts.

Sora will lose a life if one of the eggs break. Eggs break if they hit the closed side of a pipe, fall on the ground, or fall into a basket which already contains 6 eggs.

Score obtained
No. of eggs 1 2 3 4 5 6
Score 10 20 30 50 70 100

Limited Challenges[edit]

Reward Score Available
600 Jewels Total Score: 2500[1] 09/07/18 - 06/09/21
1/5 Kingdom Hearts III Starlight Code[2] Total Score: 2500[1] 09/07/18 - 06/09/21


The Musical Farmer is based on the Mickey Mouse short of the same name from 1932. In the short, several chickens lay eggs, which are collected in buckets and boxes through pipes and other contraptions.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ a b 5000 prior to January 11, 2019.
  2. ^ In order to claim the code, the required score needs to be obtained in all 5 games.