Practical Application

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Practical Application is a mini-game present in Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is available on Mission 39 where Roxas is tasked to collect hearts. Roxas is tested by Phil to obtain as many points as he can by smashing barrels within one minute and twenty seconds.


During Roxas's second story-related mission in Olympus Coliseum, Phil charges Roxas with eliminating the Clay Armor currently in The Coliseum. Once the Heartless threat is removed, Roxas begins training. This training is very similar to the Beginner's Training Roxas undergoes in Mission 36. However, this time Soldier enemies are present, as well as the addition of raised platforms. This is a dual-purpose session: Roxas must not only collect hearts for the Organization, but he must also collect points as per Phil's requirement. Should Roxas collect at least 130 points, Xigbar will give him a Blazing Gem on Day 171.