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This article is about Chip from Beast's Castle .
You may be looking for Chip from Disney Castle.

Chip (Teacup) KHII.png

Japanese チップ
Rōmaji Chippu
Homeworld Beast's Castle
Origin Beauty and the Beast
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts II
Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Mrs. Potts's little boy. Chip became a teacup when an enchantress put a spell on the castle.

His missing front tooth became a little chip on the rim of this teacup.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Mrs. Potts & Chip
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
The castle's head housekeeper and her son. Both were transformed by the enchantress.

Chip is Mrs. Potts's son. He originally appears in the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Beast locked Chip and the other servants in the dungeons after Xaldin came and tried to turn him into a Heartless. When Sora and the others came, they freed the servants and helped them save Beast from turning into a Heartless. Chip and the others showed them a short cut to the Beast's room.

Upon Sora's return, the Beast and Belle were having a party when Xaldin reappeared and took the Beast's enchanted rose. All that Chip could do was to observe the victory.

Some time after Xemnas's defeat, Chip returned to his human form alongside the rest of the castle's inhabitants.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Chip appears on Belle's Station in Sora's Dive to the Heart.

In Deep Jungle, cups resembling Mrs. Potts and Chip are present near the tent.


Chip is changed into a small, white teacup by the curse, and his rim sports a small chip in its right side that was apparently a missing front tooth in his human form. Both his rim and his handle (which represents his nose) are gold. His base is purple with gold lining and an alternating pale blue and pale pink pattern on it. He also has blue eyes and black eyebrows.


Chip's small size, as well as the protectiveness of his mother, limit his interaction with Sora and the gang. As such, not much is known about his personality. However, he seems to be very curious, as shown when he sneaks in to watch Sora confront the Beast. He also is very hopeful for the relationship between the Beast and Belle to blossom.


Chip first appeared in Walt Disney's film Beauty and the Beast. In the film, he, along with the other residents within the Prince's castle, were turned into household objects (in Chip's case, a teacup) by an enchantress as punishment for the prince's cold heart. Many years later, Belle's father, Maurice, stumbles into the castle to escape wild wolves, and Chip and the other servants warmly welcome him. However, the enraged prince (now known as the Beast) discovers this and locks Maurice away in the dungeon as Chip and the others sadly watch. When Belle comes to the castle in search for her father, Chip witness her arrival and goes to inform his mother, Mrs. Potts, although she initially doesn't believe him. On the night of Belle's first night at the castle, Chip and his mother serve tea to her, and Chip shows Belle trick by blowing bubbles, which causes her to laugh.

Throughout the film, Chip and the other servants observe Beast and Belle's budding romance, giving them hope that the curse cast upon them by the enchantress will be broken and they will revert into humans. However, Beast soon allows Belle to leave the castle so she could care for her sick father, who was journeying back to the castle to rescue his daughter in a blizzard. While Cogsworth relay the news to the others, Chip sneaks into Belle's bag and goes with her. At their home, Chip reveals himself and questions to why Belle left the castle. Before Belle could answer him, Gaston (the film's antagonist) shows up to ship Maurice to an asylum unless Belle marries him. When she refuses, Belle and her father are locked up in the basement, but was fortunately saved when Chip uses Maurice's invention to free them. In the end of the film, Beast and Belle's love for each other broke the curse, and Chip and the other servants celebrate at a ball.