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Fuu KHII.png

Katakana フウ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Fuu
Voice actors (Ja:) Rio Natsuki
(En:) Jillian Bowen
Homeworld Twilight Town
Origin Final Fantasy VIII
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VIII

One of Seifer's followers. She never says a word more than she has to, leading to some very unusual "one-worders."

Fuu has Seifer's complete trust, and sees her mission in life as making herself useful to him.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
One of Seifer's lackeys. She speaks in single words or very short phrases.
—Fuu after eliminating Dusks

Fuu is a Final Fantasy character that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. She originated from Final Fantasy VIII as the character Fujin. She is a member of the "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee" led by Seifer, along with Rai and Vivi.

Similar to her role in Final Fantasy VIII, Fuu speaks in single words or short phrases (e.g. "Instant annihilation"), but unlike in the case of Fujin, the text is never rendered in all capital letters.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Fuu is a member of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee, along with Seifer, Rai, and Vivi. The group often causes trouble for Hayner, Pence, and Olette. At one time or another, Fuu was with Rai at Sunset Station when Rai concluded that the steps to the station count differently up and down.

On the first day in the simulated Twilight Town, Roxas and company confront the Committee, who have been claiming they stole photographs from people all over town. Fuu declares a rematch fight between the groups, then watches Roxas and Seifer's fight with the rest of the Committee. If Roxas wins, Fuu protests that the tournament will decide the score; if Seifer wins, Fuu takes a picture of him standing over Roxas, but the camera is stolen by a Dusk.

On the third day, Roxas is chased by Dusks into the Sandlot, where the Committee is hanging around. Dusks surround them, but they are suddenly frozen in time. After Roxas comes to after he talks to Naminé, Fuu is taking pictures of Seifer posing after he supposedly drove the Dusks off.

During the tournament on the fourth day, Fuu watches on during Seifer's match. After Seifer is beaten by the fake Vivi, Fuu and Rai follow him from the Sandlot.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy encounter the Disciplinary Committee in the Sandlot after waking up in the real Twilight Town, and when Seifer antagonizes the group, Fuu prepares to fight.

When Sora and company return to Twilight Town, they find Seifer, Rai, and Fuu in the Sandlot, having been overwhelmed by a swarm of Nobodies. After the swarm is defeated, Seifer gives Goofy his trophy and leaves with Rai and Fuu.

Some time after Xemnas's defeat, Fuu watches Seifer fight against Hayner in a Struggle tournament.


Fuu dresses somewhat similarly to her appearance in Final Fantasy VIII, except that she wears a blue sleeveless jacket and Capri pants. Her pants have irregularly placed pockets: one on her right thigh and one on her lower left leg. Her hair is roughly jaw-length and light steel blue, while her eyes appear to be red or reddish brown. Her left eye is covered by her long bangs, as opposed to the eyepatch she wears in Final Fantasy VIII. She wears shoes of the same color as her hair that somewhat resemble Crocs.


She has a silent and stoic personality, as evident by her simple and efficient mode of speech. Out of the "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee" members, she seems to be the most loyal to Seifer.

As part of the Disciplinary Committee, Fuu often bullies others, especially Roxas and Hayner's group.


Fujin as she appears in Final Fantasy VIII.

Fujin is a character from Final Fantasy VIII. She acts as Seifer's lackey, along with fellow Discipline Committee member Raijin. The two of them follow and support Seifer unconditionally, even after Seifer goes rogue and leaves Balamb Garden to serve Sorceress Edea. However, when Seifer resurrects Lunatic Pandora, she makes an emotional plea for Seifer to stop following this path and return to being their friend, going so far as to discard her normal speech patterns.

For a vast majority of her appearances, Fujin speaks in one-word sentences, which are rendered in all capital letters in text.

Fujin is fought by Squall's party as a boss.


  • In the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II, Fuu is voiced by Rio Natsuki, who also provided the voice of Lulu in Final Fantasy X and Lucrecia Crescent in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. Coincidentally, her partner Rai shares the same voice actor as Wakka, Lulu's eventual husband and his Kingdom Hearts incarnation.
  • Like Rai, Fuu is seen in her battle stance during several boss fights against her and Raijin in Final Fantasy VIII when several Nobodies attack the Virtual Twilight Town, despite not possessing any weapon.
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