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Captain Hook

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Captain Hook

Captain Hook KHBBS.png

Japanese フック船長
Rōmaji Fukku Senchō
Voice actors (Ja:) Chikao Ōtsuka [KH I] [KH CoM]
Naoya Uchida [KH BbS]
(En:) Corey Burton
Homeworld Neverland
Origin Peter Pan
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Captain Hook

Kingdom Hearts
First entry
The pirate who is working with the Heartless to pay revenge to Peter Pan, who caused him to lose his left hand. He is as arrogant as a pirate can be, but hides away when the crocodile comes close. With the Heartless' powers, he can travel to many other worlds.

Second entry
The pirate with a grudge against Peter Pan, who caused him to lose his hand to the crocodile. He threw in his lot with Maleficent and the Heartless, but ended up being chased over the horizon by the crocodile.

He hooked us in "Peter Pan" (1953).
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Sora's Story
A pirate who holds a grudge against Peter Pan. Hook kidnapped Wendy to lure Peter out. Normally proud, Hook falls to pieces the moment the crocodile that took his hand shows up.

A pirate of Neverland. Hook appeared before Riku as a token of the indelible darkness in his heart.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Peter Pan (1953)

A pirate of Never Land, and Peter Pan's archenemy. He tricked Terra into guarding his treasure, but lies never last, and Peter made off with the treasure chest anyway. (T) For all his attempts to give "that cowardly sparrow" his comeuppance, he has yet to succeed. (V) His attempt to steal back the treasure Peter nabbed ended in failure. (A)

His usual swagger is replaced by terror at the very sight or sound of the crocodile.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Peter Pan (1953)
A pirate captain who works with the Heartless to get revenge on the one who stole his left hand.
"Blast that Peter Pan!"
—Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the leader of the pirates who sail the waters of Neverland, and Peter Pan's nemesis. He appeared in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Captain Hook arrived in Neverland with his pirate crew at one point, becoming adversary to the mischievous hero Peter Pan. After many battles, failing to kill his most hated foe, Hook had his left hand cut off by Pan and it was eaten by a Crocodile. Ever since then, it has been following him around to eat the rest of him. As his cut-off hand had a clock in it when the Crocodile ate it, Hook could always tells when it was around, as he could hear the clock still ticking away in its stomach.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

While looking for treasure on the island of Neverland, Hook and Mr. Smee are attacked by a swarm of Unversed, but are rescued by Terra. Hook tells Terra that a young boy has been tormenting him for quite some time, attempting to steal "the light" inside Hook's chest. Terra at first believes that the boy may be Vanitas, but Hook tells him that the boy's name is Peter Pan, and requests Terra to take the chest to Skull Rock and guard it from the thief. Once they arrive, Smee informs Hook of a shooting star which landed not far from where they are. Hoping to find more treasure, Hook leaves the chest in Terra's care and departs to find the shooting star. He finds it, and captures Tinker Bell, as well. Although he is confronted by Ventus, Hook escapes with Tinker Bell and reunites with Terra inside Skull Rock, showing him the imprisoned fairy, who he plans to use to trap Peter Pan.

However, Terra frees Tinker Bell, having learned the truth about Hook during a confrontation with Peter Pan. Just as Hook prepares to engage Terra, the Crocodile appears and Hook makes another run for it. Shortly afterward, Ventus finds him waiting at the Cove, wondering if Peter Pan has been defeated yet. Ven defeats Hook in battle, ending by knocking him into the water, where he is chased off by the Crocodile.

Some time later, when Aqua lands on the island, the Lost Boys tell her that Hook has stolen their treasure once again. Aqua, Peter and the Lost Boys eventually track Hook down, but as Hook gloats, he opens the treasure chest only to find nothing but the Boys' toys and other keepsakes (including Ventus's wooden Keyblade). As he curses, the Crocodile appears and he runs away.

Some time after Master Xehanort's defeat, Hook's hat is stolen by Peter.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

In the following decade, Captain Hook is recruited by Pete to be a part of Maleficent's council of villains; however, unlike Jafar, Ursula, Hades and Oogie Boogie, Hook remained in the dark about the purpose served by the Princesses of Heart. Intrigued by Maleficent's army of Heartless, Captain Hook replaces his pirate crew with them, with the exception of Smee. With their dark powers, Hook was able to traverse the universe on his pirate ship. Hook attended the meeting to watch the Heartless attack Traverse Town, becoming shocked that King Mickey's subjects had joined forces with the Keyblade wielder. When comparing them to bilge rats, Hook was insulted by Oogie and snapped at him, but was silenced by Maleficent, who was interested in seeing where Sora's path would lead him. Following Jasmine's abduction and Jafar's defeat, Hook is called in by Maleficent to take Riku to find Kairi.

Captain Hook and the Crocodile
Hook is cast overboard, leaving him at the mercy of the Crocodile.

By this point, Hook had captured Wendy, hoping she was one of the chosen ones, and had also managed to lock Peter Pan in the brig of his ship. After finding Kairi, Hook sailed his ship back to Neverland. However, he came upon the Gummi Ship near by and rammed it, taking Sora, Donald, and Goofy captive and locking them in the brig. Though annoyed Riku kept bossing him around, Hook complies with him as the boy had more control of the Heartless than him. Riku later informs him that Wendy is not a Princess of Heart, and then hears from Smee than the prisoners escaped. Hook manages to capture Tinker Bell, demanding Sora hand over the Keyblade, but then the Crocodile arrives and scares him into the ship. Peter Pan later tricks him out and Hook fights the heroes, ultimately getting knocked off the ship and chased away by the Crocodile.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Hook appears as a figment of Sora's memories. Upon meeting the "stowaways" on his ship, Hook reveals that he captured Wendy and is using her as bait to lure Peter Pan to his doom. However, Peter Pan does arrive and saves Wendy. Hook nearly falls into the ocean when he goes after the hero, but he stops himself just in time and fights against Sora in rage.

Hook also appears in Riku's memory-worlds as a token of the indelible darkness within him.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Captain Hook and Smee are once again digging around the island, searching for treasure. However, instead of treasure, they find Heartless, who are attracted to Captain Hook's greed. Eventually, it is revealed that Pete is the mastermind behind it. Pete had created a series of maps leading to the Heartless, hoping to turn Hook into a Heartless. When Smee digs up the final hole, Captain Hook is ecstatic that this one has real treasure. Just when he is about to collect his rewards, Pete turns the treasure into a Heartless. Luckily, Roxas is there to dispatch the giant Heartless, allowing Captain Hook to escape to his ship. In the end, however, his greed comes full circle when the Heartless crashes into his ship.


Captain Hook is a thin man with curly, black, shoulder-length hair that drapes over his shoulders, a large, hooked nose, a thin, black mustache that angles upward sharply, and a large chin. He wears a frilly, white shirt underneath a red justacorps coat with gold lining and maroon cuffs. Each of these cuffs sports two yellow buttons. He also wears an orange sash over his right shoulder that holds his sword scabbard at his left hip. Hook wears maroon knee breeches with long gray stockings that extend up to his thighs underneath, as well as black shoes with a pink buckle decorating each one. The tongues of his shoes are enormous, reaching halfway up his shins. He wears a large, maroon hat with a round brim and a huge, white feather stuck in it. He carries a rapier with a gold handle and guard as a weapon.


Captain Hook is very arrogant and full of himself, and gets angry if someone insults him. He tends to hold a grudge against Peter Pan for stealing his hand and feeding it to the crocodile. He is an excellent manipulator and liar. An example of this is when he manipulated Terra, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He is cowardly and sometimes acts like a wimp, particularly when he hears the sound of the Crocodile coming close by. However, he is also an excellent sword fighter and a bomb expert, making him a challenge in combat.


Main article: Game:Captain Hook

Captain Hook makes good use of his sword skills in combat, complemented with bombs hidden in presents when an opponent is out of range.


He first appeared in Disney's Peter Pan as the main antagonist of the film and tries to seek revenge on Peter Pan for causing him to lose his hand to the Crocodile.

In the original book, Captain James Hook was the Pirate Captain of the Jolly Roger. His origins are all but unknown, only showing that he was a school teacher and a sword champion before his life of crime. Hook came to Neverland because he thought that there would be treasure, and he was right as the book makes reference to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys having fun by stealing his treasure and making him find it all over again. Hook also made references to "Good Form", something he picked up in his teaching days. When ever he fights Pan, he always tries to make the fight to "Good Form" as a habit. But when the fight gets slower, he will try to win by tricking Pan. Peter would call him on it by saying "Bad Form", but Hook would always find a way of making it good again, usually by saying his life was at risk. One point that the game doesn't use is how cruel Hook really is. This point is made both in the book and in the 1953 film, when Hook shoots one of his men. The Disney film made this a little child safe by making Hook get annoyed with his singing. In the book, Hook shoots him outright, just to have a little fun.