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Logo for Verum Rex
"That's the story of the King of Truth. Reclaim your heart."

Verum Rex (Latin for "True King") is a fictional video game set in Shibuya that exists in Toy Box, a world from Kingdom Hearts III based on Toy Story. Developed by Square Enix for the Play Plus video game console, the game is part of a franchise including a cartoon series, a toyline, and a demo named Verum Rex: Beat of Lead, which serves as one of the mini-games in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

"After a long fight, weapons have brought great benefits for humanity, but the 'KARMA' that sleeps in humans will accelerate further. In the light of the warhead in the night sky, they chose to fight while feeling the pain of their hearts..."
Verum Rex game box
"A journey without a place to return."
Verum Rex game box
"The world is to all humans to turn a fang."
Verum Rex game box
"What is Eternal Bond."
Verum Rex game box


  • Yozora - A young man with heterochromia iridium. He wields a sword and crossbow. Sora is mistaken for a Yozora figurine.
  • Unnamed man with a black hat - He wields twin rapiers.
  • Unnamed man with glasses - He wields a halberd.
  • Unnamed woman - Yozora tries to reach her while fighting off Gigas.
  • Gigas - Mechanical enemies that come in many varieties.
  • Bahamut - A powerful boss.

In the May Premiere Event 2018 demo build of Kingdom Hearts III, Rex says Yozora has two sidekicks named Magia and Aegis.[1]



Verum Rex's Trailer[edit]

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