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Mail Delivery

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Mail Delivery mini-game from Kingdom Hearts II.

Mail Delivery (てがみはいたつ Tegami Haitatsu?) is a mini-game playable in Kingdom Hearts II by both Roxas in The Other Twilight Town and Sora in the real Twilight Town, although only Roxas receives munny from it. The mini-game consists of the character going through a small course on his skateboard, delivering mail to five recipients. The faster the mail is delivered, the more munny Roxas will receive. Completing the game under an allowed amount of time for Sora is necessary to complete the journal.


The ideal objective is to deliver mail to five recipients.


Sora's reward[edit]

To unlock the secret ending, you need to complete Jiminy's Journal. Part of finishing Twilight Town's entry involves playing this mini-game. The Jiminy objective is to complete this mini-game within fourteen seconds.

Roxas's reward[edit]

If this mini-game is completed in a certain time frame he will receive various amounts of munny.

Less than 20 seconds 50 munny
60 seconds or less 30 munny
Greater than 60 seconds 10 munny


Ride your skateboard throughout the area. Deliver mail to those closest to you, and use "Grind" in order to reach the two doves, which float high above, out of the skateboard's normal jumping range. One must press the Triangle as soon as a recipient is in range, or they will have to backtrack to deliver their mail, which consumes great amounts of time.

Advanced tactics[edit]

In order to complete this mini-game in the fastest time possible, it is suggested that the player make use of the "Grind" reaction command. This boosts not only speed, but jumping ability for a short time. Use this Reaction Command to reach the dove flying high above the ground, otherwise you must backtrack, which consumes great amounts of time.


Mail Delivery in Sora's story