Ariel's Sisters

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  • Ariel's Sisters
Andrina & Attina

Andrina KHII.png

Attina KHII.png

Katakana Other Emblem.png
Homeworld Atlantica
Origin The Little Mermaid
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Ariel's Sisters are minor characters who appear in Kingdom Hearts II. Their names are Andrina and Attina.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

To celebrate Ariel and Prince Eric's love and the newfound peace between Atlantica and the surface world, Ariel's sisters sang "A New Day is Dawning" at Sebastian's concert. Kingdom Hearts II


The first sister is a slim, light-skinned mermaid with a purple tail. She wears a brassiere, made from purple seashells and a large pink flower in her hair. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips.

The second sister has a red and orange tail and wears a brassiere, made from orange seashells. She has brown hair gathered in a knot, with five red, horn-like decorations in it. She also has blue eyes and red lips.


Andrina and Attina, as they are referred to within Disney canon, originate from Disney's The Little Mermaid, in which they feature as two of Ariel's six sisters.