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Ephemer KHXBC.png

Katakana エフェメラ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Efemera
Voice actors (Ja:) Yūto Uemura
(En:) Michael Johnston (actor)
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Games Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
A young and outgoing Keyblade wielder. He questions the way the world works and decides to solve its mysteries on his own.
Kingdom Hearts III
A mysterious boy who reached out to Sora's heart in a moment of crisis.
"We'll go together."

Ephemer is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. He seeks to discover the truth behind the gathering of Lux and the structure of the world. He claims to be in a union differing from Player's, regardless of what they choose.[1]


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

At an unknown point, Ephemer is chosen by the Keyblade and joins one of the Unions. Shortly thereafter, Ephemer meets Skuld and joins her party. For a long time, Ephemer and Skuld undergo missions together alone until more wielders gradually join them in their mission to gather Lux. Due to their busy schedules, however, Ephemer and Skuld begin drifting apart, putting a strain on their friendship. Eventually, Ephemer decides to leave the group to go his own way. Quest 555: Inside the Clock Tower Pt. 10

Ephemer begins to question the secrets of the world and the Book of Prophecies. One day, Ephemer approaches Ava and asks her why the Unions compete against each other rather than working together, and Ava explains that it is because the Master of Masters arranged for things to be this way between the Unions.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

Ephemer meets Player while in Waterfront Park, where he is bested by an Invisible, and Player steps in to help Ephemer defeat it. Ephemer introduces himself to Player, and the two learn that they are from opposing Unions. In spite of this, Ephemer reveals that he is investigating the truth behind the Book of Prophecies and why the Unions compete against each other for Lux.

When Player tells Ephemer about a dream of they had the night before, where the Foretellers met with a hooded figure in the Foretellers' Chamber, he suggests that they investigate the Foretellers' Chamber located in the Clock Tower. Quest 362: To Waterfront Park Pt. 3 Ephemer and Player attempt to sneak into the Clock Tower through an entrance in the sewers, but are mobbed by Heartless along the way and unable to proceed further. Then, he persuades Player that they should continue their investigation the next day since it would suspicious if their Union leaders notice that they were missing for too long.

Ava voices her doubt about the Master of Master's teachings to Ephemer.

Sometime later, Ephemer comes across a depressed Ava sitting alone at the Fountain Square. Ava confides in Ephemer about her doubts about the Master's teachings regarding the competition between the Unions, much to his surprise. Ava approves of Ephemer's desire to solve the mysteries of the world, as she believes that people should question things and think for themselves. Ephemer jokingly tries to get Ava to talk about the Book of Prophecies, but she denies him. Ephemer tells her that he had befriended a Keyblade wielder from a different Union, and Ava is pleased that wielders from other Unions could work together. Before Ephemer leaves, he asks Ava to cheer up, which brings a smile to her face. Quest 401: The Clock Tower Pt. 1

Later that night, Ephemer returns to the sewers to continue his investigation alone. Before Ephemer can enter the Clock Tower, however, he is confronted by Ava. Relocating to the outskirts of Daybreak Town, Ava divulges the final entry in the Book of Prophecies, which details the events of the Keyblade War, and recruits Ephemer to join her Dandelions to ensure the future of the light. Ava selects five people from the Dandelions, including Ephemer, to act as Union leaders in the Foretellers' stead after the war. Ephemer is reluctant about becoming a Union leader, but Ava implores him to rise up to the challenge and provides a book of rules that must be followed once the new Union leaders take charge to prevent future destruction. Moreover, Ava informs Ephemer that the Union leaders must erase the memories of the Keyblade War from their fellow Dandelions and avoid any possible connections between the two worlds, thus the truth about the war must be kept a secret among the new Union leaders. In spite of his misgivings, Ephemer accepts this task and is then sent to another realm to meet the other Union leaders in the Keyblade Graveyard following the war.

From this other realm, Ephemer attempts to reach out to Player by showing them his conversation with Ava in a dream. Around the same time, Ephemer also visits Skuld in a dream and tasks her to seek out Player, warning her about the impending war.

When the Dandelions cross over to the new world, Ephemer is reunited with Skuld, who had accepted Ava's invitation to join the Dandelions. They venture back to the Keyblade Graveyard following the conclusion of the Keyblade War and find Player unconscious on the battlefield. When Player awakens, Ephemer happily reunites with Player and convinces them to join the Dandelions. Ephemer and Skuld bring Player to the new world, where Player's memories, along with the memories of the other Dandelions, are erased upon arrival.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross][edit]

Ventus meets Ephemer.

As per Ava's instructions, Ephemer goes to the Keyblade Graveyard and is shocked to learn that Skuld is one of the new Union leaders, as the identity of the Union leaders was meant to be kept secret until they all met after the war. They are soon joined by the third Union leader, Ventus. Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5 While waiting for the other Union leaders to arrive, Skuld and Ephemer bond with Ventus, who admits that he is envious of their close relationship because he has always been alone. Ephemer and Skuld assure Ventus that they consider him a friend.

When the fourth Union leader, Brain, arrives, he asks if Ephemer is their leader, and Ephemer denies this, as the decision must be made once all of the Union leaders are present. When the others begin expressing their discomfort with lying to everyone about the Keyblade War, Ephemer thinks about the pain that Player endured because of the war and states that no one else should have to carry the burden of the past. Quest 675: Master Aced

Later on in Daybreak Town, Chirithy reports to Ephemer and Skuld about Player's persisting nightmares about the Keyblade War. While Skuld encourages that Chirithy to protect Player from the truth, Ephemer mentions that he senses a different darkness that he plans to investigate with Skuld. Once Chirithy leaves, Skuld questions Ephemer's wisdom about telling Chirithy about the darkness, as they likely just made Chirithy worry, but Ephemer argues that it affects everyone. Ephemer mentions that he detects something strange about Union χ, though Skuld reminds him that the rules dictate that they lead the Union χ. Quest 670: Target: Chill Ripper Pt. 5

After the final Union leader, Lauriam, arrives, the Union leaders go to Daybreak Town and enter the Foretellers' Chamber. When Skuld proposes that they begin choosing which Union each of them will lead, Ephemer recommends that they maintain the Union χ in order to prevent the conflicts of the past world, with the other Union leaders agreeing to reconstitute the old system later as stated in the rules. Brain suggests that, while the Dandelions are reliving the events of the past, they collect the necessary ingredients to create new Spirits and sends Ephemer, Skuld, and Ventus to collect the ingredients while he and Lauriam stay behind to make the necessary preparations. Quest 735: The Shiny Hammer Pt. 5

While mulling over the Shift Pride, a friendly competition detailed in the rulebook in which the Dandelions would compete against one another, Ephemer is joined by Lauriam. Ephemer reveals his reservations about the Shift Pride, not understanding why Ava would want them to do such a thing. Lauriam suggests that Ephemer take it easy, believing Ephemer has pushed himself too hard since becoming a Union Leader. When Ephemer asks what Lauriam is planning on doing, Lauriam reminds Ephemer that the Dandelions are reliving their experiences within data, meaning that they all have data recorded of themselves, admitting that there is someone he's looking for, someone meant to be among the Dandelions, so he's intent on searching the data for her. Ephemer offers his help, but Lauriam wants to do it on his own, as it is a personal matter.

When the time comes to discuss the matter of the Shift Pride, Ephemer calls a meeting between the Union leaders. As Lauraim is absent, Brain informs them that, whatever the agenda is, Lauriam asked to side with Ephemer. Ephemer and Brain votes in favor for the Shift Pride, while Ventus and Skuld reject the notion. Ephemer then explains that he intends on having wielders compete against the data versions of their comrades to avoid a clashing of hearts, admitting that Lauriam had given him the idea. The group wonders about who Lauriam could be looking for, but on Brain's suggestion, they decide to wait for Lauriam to come to them rather than pry.

Soon, Lauriam joins the Union leaders in the Foretellers' Chamber to ask Skuld about his younger sister Strelitzia's whereabouts, as Skuld was last seen going into the same building Strelitzia had entered just prior to the Keyblade War. After listening to their conversation, Brain theorizes that Strelitzia the Keyblade wielder she was looking for fought in the Keyblade War and someone that Strelitzia likely wanted to induct this wielder to the Dandelions. This reminds Ephemer of Player, and so he and Lauriam leave to ask Player about Strelitzia.

Ephemer finds Player in the Fountain Square and the two reconnect, with Ephemer apologizing for having been so busy lately with his duties as a Union leader. Ephemer then introduces Player to Lauriam, who asks about his sister. After Lauriam departs, Ephemer spends the rest of the day completing missions with Player to take a break from being a Union leader.

Later, as Ephemer bids farewell to Player, he notices a glitch circling above the Clock Tower and asks that Player help him investigate it. On their way there, their path is blocked by Heartless born from the glitch. Ephemer and Player make it to the the tower's center where he introduces Player to Ventus after a Heartless. Surprised to see that he's here, Ephemer is told by Ventus that he saw an apparition of Ava and went looking for Brain, to which Ephemer confirms that he is in the control room. The trio are then ambushed by Darklings, but they able to fend them off and make their way to the control room to check on Brain.

Once Ephemer and the others are inside, Brain tells them about the discovery of other worlds, but due to the Keyblade War, the worlds became scattered. In doing so, to create a new future world by using data and that everyone including them were moved from the real Daybreak Town to a data copy of it. Ephemer believes they are in the real world, but Brain retorts that data anomalies would not be happening if they were. Ephemer and the others are shocked to learn from Brain that their world is connecting to another world that does not exist in time. He agrees with Brain's idea to conduct more research and volunteers to explore the other world. As it would be too dangerous for him to go alone, Ephemer and Player decide to go together. When they enter portal, they discover that the corridor is different from the other ones and fight Heartless as they make their way to the new world.

Arriving at Game Central Station, the two marvel at the sight of the new world, but seeing both the Block Noises and the Darkling. Ephemer proposes that they split leaving him to go after the Darkling while Player handles the Block Noises.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Ephemer aids Sora in defeating Master Xehanort's Heartless cyclone at the Keyblade Graveyard.


Ephemer is kind and curious as he wishes to solve the mysteries of the world, the Book of Prophecies and why the Unions are fighting against each other. He can be a bit cocky as he fought an Invisible Heartless on his own. Similar to Sora, Ephemer is caring and considerate towards others, as he wishes to help those in need, such as Player, Skuld, and Master Ava.

However, he is also known to be hesitant seen when he is unsure about the task of being a Union leader, but slowly starts to grow into the role.


Ephemer has curly, silver hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt under a black vest with grey accents, dark grey pants, and black boots. He has a red scarf around his neck. Ephemer wears a tan pouch around his waist.

"Ephemera" refers to things that are short-lived or transitory.


Main article: Starlight

Ephemer wields the third upgrade of the Starlight Keyblade.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ If the player is in Vulpes, Ephemer is in Leopardus. If Leopardus, then Ursus. If Ursus, then Anguis. If Anguis, then Unicornis. If Unicornis, then Vulpes.