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Mickey, the Mail Pilot

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Mickey, the Mail Pilot is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora needs to catch the mail falling from Mickey's plane.

Game Help[edit]

Collect the letters that fall out of Mickey's plane!

Press X to pick up the letters.

When it rains, the wind will cause you to lose altitude, so watch out for those birds and mountains!


The game has five buttons. The four "CONTROLLER" buttons move Sora's plane, and the "ACTION" button make Sora swing his net to catch the mail. Mail falls from the top of the screen, which Sora needs to catch. Catching a certain amount of mail clears the stage and moves on to the next stage.

Several obstacles appear in Sora's path, and coming in contact with one makes Sora lose a life. Mountains appear at the bottom of the screen. Birds fly from the right side of the screen to the left. Black birds move faster than black and white birds. Clouds appear at the top of the screen. Occasionally, rain will fall from the clouds. When flying through the rain, the plane sometimes loses altitude. Just before losing altitude, wind blows over Sora's head. During heavy rain the altitude drop more frequently, and black thunderclouds may appear. Lightning may appear from the thunderclouds, so move left and right to dodge it.


Mickey, the Mail Pilot is based on the "The Mail Pilot" Mickey Mouse short from 1933. In the short, Mickey works as a mail pilot, and has to deliver a package. On his way, he faces bad weather, and has to avoid mountains.