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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
Kingdom Hearts Union X Logo KHUX.png
キングダムハーツ ユニオンクロス
Kingudamu Hātsu Yunion Kurosu
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Japan Square Enix
Release date(s) Japan March 23, 2017[1]
Flag of the United States.png/Flag of Canada.png April 6, 2017
Europe/Flag of Australia.png April 6, 2017
Genre Smartphone RPG
Game modes Single-player, multi-player
Ratings CERO: N/A


Platform(s) iOS, Android
"To discover the end, a journey must start at the beginning."

Kingdom Hearts Union χ, stylized as Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], is a Kingdom Hearts game exclusive to the iOS and Android smartphone platforms. It is a sequel/update to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ and a continuation of the story started in Kingdom Hearts χ.


After being saved by Ephemer and Skuld following the conclusion of the Keyblade War, the Player is brought to another realm, where the Dandelions have assembled as per Ava's instructions. Upon entering this new realm, however, Player and the Dandelions loses all memories of the past world, with the exception of the five wielders chosen to become the new Union leaders.

Following Ava's orders, Ephemer ventures to the the Keyblade Graveyard as one of the new Union Leaders. Soon, Ephemer is joined by Skuld, the second of the new Union Leaders, much to his surprise. When Skuld questions the whereabouts of other three Union Leaders, Ephemer admitted that, before Skuld showed up, he had his doubts about becoming a Union leader. Ventus, the third Union Leader, arrives and Ephemer and Skuld welcome him. While waiting for the fourth Union leader to appear, Ephemer and Skuld bond with Ventus, who is bewildered as to why he was chosen to become one of the new Union leaders. Ven admits that he is a little jealous over Ephemer and Skuld's friendship, though they assure him that they consider him a friend as well. Amused by the concept of friends, the fourth Union Leader appears and introduces himself as Brain. When Ephemer confirms that Brain is not the last to arrive as he had anticipated, Brain asks if Ephemer is meant to be their leader. Ephemer denies this, feeling as though they should wait until all of them are together to decide who leads. Brain then asks if the rules Ava provided are meant to be absolute as he has issue with the concept of lying to the Dandelions, something which Ventus relates to. Thinking about the pain that Player had endured because of the Keyblade War, Ephemer firmly states that they are to follow the rules and that the truth about the previous world must remain a secret so that no one has to remember the tragedy of the Keyblade War. Brain, Ven, and Skuld all accept this, stating that they all believe in Ephemer. Together, the four new Union Leaders await the arrival of their final comrade.

Player resumes his missions, making use of the newly imposed Union Cross by joining a party of fellow Dandelions, and traveling new worlds, such as the Castle of Dreams and Enchanted Dominion. Soon, Player has a nightmare in which he sees himself collapsed after the events of the Keyblade War. Furthermore, they relives their battle with Aced from just before the fated battle. Upon their defeat at Aced's hand, Player is jolted awake and Chirithy, concerned of frequency of Player's nightmares, advises them to rest. As the Player accepts this and warily returns to sleep, Chirithy bids them goodnight and continues to watch over them.

Prior to the Keyblade War, Strelitzia, another member of the Dandelions, takes note of Player as he waits for Ephemer in the Fountain Square, taking a keen interest in him when she returns to find that he is still there, crying and clutching his Chirithy tightly. Over time, Strelitzia continues to see Player and feels drawn to him, though she is unable to speak with him herself. After witnessing Player's battle with Aced, Strelitzia is approached by Ava and asked to be one of the new Union leaders following the events of the Keyblade War. Concerned about those who will be left behind during the Keyblade War, Strelitzia's remembers that Player is not a Dandelion, meaning that he will be one of those who is left behind, and insists that she has to warn Player of the danger that is to come. The next day, Strelitzia's Chirithy spots Player and leads her to an abandoned house, where the two of them are attacked by an unseen assailant, who steals Strelitzia's rule book before leaving. Streltzia holds her Chirithy in her arms, sad that she did not get the chance to see Player, before both she and her Chirithy fade away.

Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, and Brain grow concerned when the fifth Union leader does not show up and begin searching the Keyblade Graveyard. Soon, Lauriam approaches, apologizing for being so late, as he had been searching for something.

Together at last, the five enter the Foreteller's Chamber in Daybreak Town, where Brain looks through a copy of the Book of Prophecies that he finds. Ultimately, they decide to keep the Unions united under a Union Cross for the time being, while also keeping the absence of the Foretellers a secret. Brain then decides that in order to celebrate, they should make creating new Spirits their first task: sending Ephemer, Skuld, and Ventus to collect the supplies, while he and Lauriam prepare to synthesize the materials.


  • The game retains the gameplay found in Unchained χ,[2] and all in-game data will be carried over.[3]
  • Multiplayer is introduced. Players will be able to team up with up to five members of their Party and tackle special Quests together.[4]

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